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Cellular Costuming
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I see Light People ... Seeing past cellular costuming to soul


Spiritual Awareness Article:
Hypersensitive Much?

This is an unabashed metaphysical article so if you came here seeking traditional spiritual views or health care information from a medical point of view, my experience may challenge your reality boundaries. On the other hand, if spiritual experiences that could be considered shamanic or angelic or new age are not foreign to you, this may come as a welcome confirmation of experience.

It has been said that all life is a stage and we but players on that stage. Consider the costumes an actor wears. It says much about the particular role the actor plays but nothing about the actor themselves. Our bodies could be considered our cellular costuming for the life we are living now. Avoiding the great tendency to mistake the costuming for the real person is the subject of this spiritual experience article.

When the light beings we are shine through:
One of the more universally accepted truths in the metaphysical community is that we are all related, that all life is from the same source and therefore, connected. Of course, this is not a spiritual view limited to those who think metaphysically but is embraced by the Native American cultures as well. For example, one of my favorite prayers, from the Lakota, is "Mitakuye Oyasin" which literally means "All my relations" or "We are all related".

Even quantum physics has jumped on the oneness train with research suggesting that the stuff back of all creation is the same stuff, that all exists is related energetically to all else.

In my path, moving toward awareness of and right action with regard to Sacred Relationship to All has been a challenge and a blessing.

If you are reading this article, it may be because you are headed toward an experience that sometimes occurs when you begin to actually see the relationship you have with all around you. You may find yourself temporarily unable to recognize people that you know, perhaps even those you know very well. This will be a momentary situation but may feel like it lasts a long time.

What is happening is that you are developing the ability to see beyond what I call cellular costuming, or the skin and bones that make up the temporary Earth form. >Seeing the spiritual bodies of those around you for the first time, after being out of the Spirit realm and coming to Earth (and after years of identifying those about you by their physical, human forms), can be quite disorienting. Once the cellular costuming has evaporated, it can be difficult for your eyes to let it reconfigure again.

This spiritual experience was particularly unsettling to me, though I'm getting used to it now. However, the first time it happened, I recall standing in a Cracker Barrel restaurant (why do these things always happen to me in a Cracker Barrel restaurant?) and looking out over a crowded room of people. Suddenly, their faces seemed to just fade away.

The spiritual body of each person was revealed to me, as identical rays of energy and I understood volumes of their history in a moment. I suddenly realized I stood in the midst of an entire room of Light Beings. Of course, I had been in their midst before I saw them this way....which was the part that struck a melancholy chord in me, underneath the shock of what I was seeing. I allowed a moment of wistful regreat at all I had been missing by being caught up in the packaging... like a lot of spiritual epiphany moments, that one faded in it's intensity over time and I began to habitually stop at the package again but I never quite went back to complete ignorance of the light in even the body harboring the largest amount of dark, or density.

I am unable to articulate the awareness about this group of people that suddenly flooded into my consciousness but I knew them all in that instant -- who they were, why they chose the "costuming" of their bodies and lifestyles, etc.. It was a moment of astounding awareness.

The all too human sense of panic set in when I attempted to return to the table where my mate and friends were sitting. Looking directly at the man with whom I shared my life and communed with every day, I was momentarily unable to differentiate between him and any other person there, male or female. Then, I remembered his costuming and sat down, stunned and silent (for once).

My spiritual challenge, since this amazing experience, is to remember that we are all beings of light in dense form. I most need to remind myself of this around people who grate against my senses because of negative choices and lifestyles. I don't know the spiritual path of another, and cannot possibly know why anyone seems to make destructive choices. I can only remember that they are beings of light and that they will find their way home.

Have you read the The Ringing Cedars books?

Spiritual Health Disclaimer: The spiritual experience of each of us will be different, and based on a lot of factors including our own choices, our past lives, our karma and our agreements for this lifetime. My knowing is that we are all divine beings of light, regardless of whatever negative or destructive decisions any of us seem to be making. From a higher level of awareness, what matters most is to remember who we really are.