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Detoxing and the Healing Crisis
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Why you should cleanse internally


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Colon Cleanse and Detox

Although our bodies were wondrously and powerfully made, and are capable of handling a reasonable amount of toxicity on their own, we live in days when a reasonable amount of toxicity has been exceeded many times over. Add to this the fact that most of us eat a toxic diet as well, consuming fast foods and junk foods on a daily basis. Stress impacting our dietary processes and sleep processes just adds to the toxic load our bodies must handle. For all these reasons, it is my experience that periodic detoxing is vital.

Many people are interested in internal cleansing but get confused by all the information out there and don't know where to start. I've added a lot of alternative health care information on cleansing on this site for that reason. I know it's confusing because I've wandered through the detox maze myself, looking for the right combination for whatever my needs were at any given time. As someone who does regular cleanses and believe in the power of detoxification, I have learned that there are ways to make an internal cleanse harder or easier. Here are some helpful tips to keep your body more healthy throughout the year so that detoxing is not so stressful.

Question on health care and healing: I believe I do need to detox but I've read so much about going into a healing crisis that I'm afraid of it. Can I avoid a healing crisis when I try to cleanse? What do you suggest?

Healing Facilitation Response:
While there are dietary choices and habitual behaviors we can change prior to doing a body detox, which may reduce detoxification symptoms, a healing crisis for some may be inevitable depending on the amount of toxins in the system. Our body has a way of dumping toxins when invited to do so, as a way of keeping us healthy, even if they are dumped a little too quickly for our eliminatory system to keep up.

For the otherwise healthy individual, going through a temporary healing crisis, though it can be trying, is better than keeping the toxins in the body another day or week. When most start a detox regimen, the body will gratefully and fully cooperate with releasing toxins so this can mean we may temporarily feel worse. However, a normal healing crisis should last no more than three days. However, we can make changes that will assist the body in detoxing itself prior to internal cleansing, and these will be helpful whether we detox with a program or not.

How to Detox Without a Healing Crisis:
Although most may experience some initial discomfort when cleansing, particularly during the first three days of a cleanse, detoxing doesn't have to be a miserable process. By following some simple preparatory steps before doing a detoxing cleanse, it is possible to reduce the chance of a healing crisis significantly. Taking the right steps before a cleanse can help make detoxing as painless as possible. Read parts two and three of this health series for a few ideas to get your started on the right way to cleansing for health. If you have a colon problem, such as IBS, Krohn's or Diverticulitis, you should check with your doctor before making any dietary or health regimen changes.

Part Two: Natural Detox Helpers
Part Three: Colonics and Cleansing

Detoxification Disclaimer: The body detox information that you have just read is purely for educational purposes. Holistic suggestions do not replace medical attention for health conditions involving the colon and bowel, such as IBS, diverticulitis or colitis. Any decision about detoxing that readers might make, based on the contents found in this or any educational health care information, is the right and responsibility of the reader. Please consult with your chosen healthcare professional on questions relating to detoxification and colon health and, if you have an existing bowel problem such as IBS, always check with your doctor before starting a internal cleanse.