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What is Brachioradial Pruritus?
Is Your Arm Itching all The Time?

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Arm itching all the time may be a symptom of brachioradial pruitis.


Suggested Reading:

Do you have intense arm itching between elbow and wrist?
I had been experiencing this weird symptom for several months before I thought to google it and find out if anyone else was having this issue. My right arm, in back and just below the elbow to about 3/4 way to the wrist, has been itching all the time. Intensely itching. It's really been so bizarre and now I find out there is a name for it.

My mouth dropped open as I read about brachioradial pruitis (often shortened to BRP) on wikipedia. Granted, that's not my first choice for a medical reference but it is what came up first when i searched for "arm itching all the time" so I read it and wow, did that shoe fit. Wiki said that this condition mostly affected light-skinned, middle-aged people. Bingo. I'm both of those.

Further research on intense arm itching: Surfing a little more, I found a site that linked BRP with cervical disk herniation, specifically a herniation of cervical c5 and c6 disks. Ah. OK. The pieces of the puzzle are fitting together now. I have just been to a chiropractor this very week and had x-rays done. You guessed it - my x-rays revealed compression (not yet herniation, thank goodness) of c5 and c6.

For more on this particular case, please visit this article A case of neuropathic brachioradial pruritus caused by cervical disc herniation However, other causes of BRP include sun exposure and spinal cord diseases so see your doctor to rule out underlying conditions. If your BRP is caused by cervical disk issues, the following symptoms may accompany:

* Intense arm itching
* Burning sensations
* Stiff Neck
* Dizziness
* Restless Sleep
* Nausea and/or vomiting (if severe)
* Pain in C5 and C6 area of neck

Health Disclaimer: The health information on on this page is not intended to replace medical testing or evaluation, or medical treatment your doctor may advise. If you have intense arm itching or other symptoms of BRP, please see your doctor for the appropriate tests. Medically, the treatment for this condition is not standardized but gabapentin is sometimes used to treat.