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What is Brain Entrainment?
Gamma, Theta, Delta, Alpha Levels

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What is brain entrainment and could you benefit from a brain entrainment program?


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Our brain transmits bravewave activity all the time but the type of activity transmitted may change a lot, depending on what we are doing. When we are sleeping, the brainwave activity is far different than when we are mentally challenged by some task and wide awake, for example.

The different levels of brainwave activity include gamma, delta, theta, beta and alpha. You may have heard of alpha brainwaves or "the alpha state" as being associated with meditation. I am most aware of alpha brainwaves as I rise up from the sleeping world and just before entering an active, awake state. I love that aware alpha time in-between sleeping and waking!

Brain wave activity can be imitated and it has been found that listening to brain wave simulations at any of the known levels can help increase the abilities that are associated with those levels. Again, using the alpha state as an example, having a brain entrainment program that simulates alpha brain waves may actually help a person be able to meditate longer or more deeply.

There are five mail brainwave frequencies starting with DELTA WAVES (.5 TO 3 HZ. Delta brain waves are the slowest. They are also "loud" which means they penetrate the most deeply. You experience Delta waves with meditation and dreamless states of sleeping.

Next up in frequency are THETA WAVES (3 TO 8 HZ) which occur in sleep and are also dominant in deep meditative states. THETA waves assist us with learning, with memorizing and with using our intutitive senses. Brain entrainment with a Theta Waves meditation tape can improve those areas of life for some people.

After Theta waves come ALPHA WAVES (8 TO 12 HZ) which create a sort of resting state for the mind. As I mentioned, one experiences alpha for a time as one is emerging from the deeper brain wave states of sleep toward waking consciousness.

BETA WAVES (12 TO 38 HZ) are where most of us spend our days, the normal action of the brain in a waking state is Beta.

Last on the list of brain waves are GAMMA WAVES (38 TO 42 HZ)which are faster than the other frequencies and help us with simultaneous processing from different brain areas.

By using binaural beats programs or brain entrainment meditation cd's, one can improve the states of mind associated with each brain wave frequency. Learn more about brain waves here.

Health Disclaimer: If you have epilepsy, please check with your doctor before using a brain entrainment program, binaural beats program or any other program stimulating the brain.