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Bulletproof Coffee Ingredients
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Ingredients for Bulletproof Coffee

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What is Bullet Proof Coffee?
There's been a lot of buzz about bullet proof coffee lately. Sometimes it's called butter coffee or MCT coffee. You can see videos on youtube about how to make bulletproof coffee, people are talking about how much energy it gives them and how much weight they've lost with it. There are health benefits associated with bullet proof coffee too, not the least of which is noticably increased cognitive faculties such as focus, concentration and mental adeptness. Although anyone can create a recipe for coffee based on the bulletproof theme, the name and the concept came from a man named Dave Osprey and there is a specific Bulletproof brand of products.

If you're like me, you may have assumed from the ads that this is a yuppie drink or fad. It felt like the new Starbucks but with a focus on health and energy. However, I'm 60 years old and I love coffee so I had to try it. I've been personally enjoying coffee made the bulletproof way for a couple of years now and I can attest to all of those benefits. I don't suffer from the jitters or acid stomach with bulletproof coffee, I eat less and I love the sustained energy! I usually make mine with unrefined, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil and organic coffee but have tried it with butter too. Yum, either way.

Dairy Allergies? Try Ghee
Maybe you love butter from cows but cow butter doesn't love you back. Or maybe you prefer ghee? I have partnered with Mt. Capra because I believe they have the best goat whey, ghee, workout formulas etc. I would recommend visiting the website and reading about the extraordinary care this company takes to ensure quality and nutritional potency. You will love their 100% grass-fed goat milk ghee. If you're going for grassfed butter, I really think there is no better option than Kerrygold. Our local Krogers has it.

I personally use coconut oil and the brand I'm liking a lot right now is Wildly Organic. I've also used and like Vita-Coco brand.

As I mentioned earlier there are lots of recipes online, for making coffee in the bulletproof way. Then, there is the official bullet proof coffee brand sold by Dave Osprey. This is called "Upgraded Coffee" and it's is expensive. I tried it once and can honestly say it is worth the money.

I always use organic arabica anyway so I get great results from the recipes I use. However, there was a marked difference in how long I noticed more energy with the original. I also noted that the energy was amazingly level and calm-feeling. I actually loved it. Mr. Osprey says he has the coffee tested for mold and mycotoxins and that's a pretty bid deal for me. I am very sensitive to molds and, for a long time, had no idea that most cheaper coffees contain mold and/or worse. If you've got the bucks, I recommend ordering the original bulletproof coffee.

It's a terrific addition to the morning, in my opinion. However, if you make bulletproof coffee with the wrong ingredients, most if not all of the benefits disappear and it can even be harmful. Those who skim over the video and think they can just add any old butter and any old MCT oil to any old coffee are not doing their body any old favors!

Why Upgraded Matters
You should, at minimum, start with organic ingredients. Organic coffee will not have the micotoxins, mold, pesticides and formaldehyde that most cheaper brands contain. However, beyond organic, look for wet process coffees, arabica not robusta, and from single estates. The reason for being so picky about the coffee is you want coffee that has a minimum of mycotoxins or mold. The easy way to insure that is to buy what is called upgraded coffee. It's pricy and not everyone can afford it. If you can, I'd definitely buy it because it takes the guesswork out of it.

Upgraded Matters with MCT Oil Too
Upgraded MCT oil is ultra-purified so that it tastes better. Some lower quality MCT oil is not so tasty, from what I've read. If you can't afford the upgraded MCT oil, use organic expeller pressed unrefined coconut oil (and every single word in that list is important. Look for all of them.) MCT oil is comprised of the healthy medium chain triglycerides in coconut oil. The brand that a lot of folks are using is called XCT Oil

The butter matters a lot too! Any butter that contains trans fats, obviously would add harmful elements to your bulletproof coffee, rather than healthy elements. Look for butter from cows not fed GMO grain, and grassfed cows. Organic, of course. One reason for grassfed butter is that the balance of healthy Omega fatty acids is far better in grassfed than in grainfed butter.

Health Care Disclaimer: Bulletproof coffee is HIGH FAT. It is saturated fat. If your doctor has told you to avoid saturated fats, you need to have a talk with your doctor before adding bulletproof coffee to your diet. Read up on new study that questions the previously held medical link between saturated fats and heart disease, maybe take that article to your doctor, open a dialogue on trans fats and oxidized fats vs saturated fats.