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What is Bullet Proof Coffee?
Bulletproof Update: June 17, 2018:
I wanted to update this article with a couple of items. First, I wanted to clarify that there is a type of "upgraded" coffee sold by Dave Osprey which is the original, authentic bulletproof coffee brand. It is different, in my experience, even from good organic coffee but it is also pricy. In addition to there being an original bulletproof coffee brand and recipe, those interested in a better coffee experience have spawned all kinds of bulletproof coffee recipes. Just wanted to be clear that the recognized creator of the bulletproof coffee experience and legacy is Dave Osprey.

The second thing I wanted to do is provide a link to some potential side effects of ingesting bulletproof coffee or drinking too much of it. Like anything that stimulates and can affect heartbeat, respiration, appetite, etc., some caution is suggested when trying this upgraded coffee. For some health tips on safe ingestion, please visit this article on bulletproof coffee side effects.

My Bulletproof Coffee Conversion:
I'm a coffee lover from way back. That hot cup of java in the morning has been part of my wake up routine as long as I can remember. When I experienced the difference organic coffee made (no jitters, no upset stomach) I tried always to use organic coffee. At the time I found out about bulletproof coffee, I was adding organic half and half and agave to my organic coffee but I really didn't feel my body wanted that kind of fat or that kind of sugar. I had already been searching for a healthier way to have my morning Joe but wasn't convinced, at first, that bulletproof was the way to go.

Grassfed butter in your coffee? MCT oil? Didn't sound appetizing at all and I thought I'd really miss that nice, rich half and half taste. Also, I couldn't give up sweet (luckily, I didn't have to give up the sweet ... coconut sugar crystals to the rescue!). I just didn't think bulletproof coffee and me would be a good match. Then, I tried it. WOW.

Mine was not genuine bulletproof coffee because I was using virgin unrefined coconut oil instead of upgraded MCT oil. It matters what kind of butter and what kind of coffee you use, if you want optimal bulletproof coffee results. I tried it with grassfed butter and coconut oil both added, and then just with grassfed butter, and then just with coconut oil. I LOVED the taste after I added coconut sugar crystals. They are low glycemic and while it may not be a genuine bullet proof coffee recipe, it was just so delicious!!!!

Upgraded Coffee and MCT Oil
I honestly can't afford the upgraded coffee that is officially the Dave Osprey brand he sells and recommends. Last time I checked, a 12 ounce package will set you back $20.00. Neither do I fork over the big bucks for the upgraded MCT oil at this point in time. The upgraded MCT oil is what is sold to be used for the authentic bulletproof coffee recipe so I've included links to the store for those who wanta go for it official style. However, if I did have the extra money, I would definitely order both. After all I've read about mycotoxins that are often in coffee and the impurities in badly processed MCT oil, it just makes sense to use the best ingredients possible for the best results possible.

Having said that, I'll also say that the web is full of people who say that there's no problem with mold and mycotoxins in quality coffee anyway and as long as you get organic, specialty coffee you should be ok on that account. In other words, don't make Bulletproof Coffee with the $4.99 sale coffee from your supermarket. What kind of coffee do I use? I like Cafe Sanora and Pureroast. And the best bargain I've found is Whole Foods organic 365 Arabica, Pacific Rim. While using upgraded coffee or not may be debatabile, the quality of your MCT oil really is not. The MCT oil, I think, is another matter and I'd go with the best I could find. I'd also go with the best organic grassfed butter too, more on that a little later.

Benefits of Drinking Bullet Proof Coffee:
One of the biggest benefits is energy. I can testify. When I drink this in the morning, I have noticable, sustained energy for hours afterwards. I'm not as hungry and I just feel great. Initially, I was concerned about the high fat content but I've long realized that the MCT oil is a far different animal than say, animal fats and that grassfed organic butter is a far different fat than GMO cow butter that is from grainfed cows. The balance of Omega fatty acids in grass fed non-GMO butter is balanced and healthier than butter from grainfed cows. MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides and your doctor will tell you this is the "good fat".

Other benefits one may experience with bulletproof coffee include weight loss, ht),increased mental clarity and focus, less fatique, increased fertility and more. I've even read of some who credit bullet proof with MCT oil for helping lower bad cholesterol but it's VERY important to remember that these are ancedotal stories and not scientific studies. As far as I know, there have been no scientific studies done on this combination of ingredients. Do note that this adds a SIGNIFICANT amount of saturated fat to your diet so if you are still of the opinion that saturated fats are the culprit behind elevated bad cholesterol, obviously the bullet proof route may not be fore you!

What kind of butter to buy:
The kind of butter you use is seriously important. If you make your bullet proof coffee with both butter and upgraded MCT oil, it is VITAL to get organic grassfed butter. The best, as far as I've been able to determine, is called Anchor butter. You may have to order that kind in bulk from amazon. Another good choice that you may also have to order online is called Beurre d'Isgny unsalted butter. Otherwise, look for KerryGold unsalted or Organic Valley. If you like ghee, I give the Mt. Capra 100% grass-fed goat milk ghee my very highest recommendation and I'm pleased to partner with them to bring you this option. If you wanta use coconut oil instead of butter or ghee, try Wildly Organic Coconut Oil.

Here's the response I got from an Organic Valley representative, regarding the grassfed question:

"Our European-style cultured butter is made using the cream from pasture-raised cows. Pasture-raised animals receive a significant portion of their nutrition from organically managed pasture and stored dried forages. Unlike 100% grass-fed cows, pasture-raised cows may receive supplemental organic grains, both during the grazing season and into winter months. Our co-op wide pasture requirements specify that all cows must have a minimum of 120 days on pasture during the grazing season, and they must have outdoor access to pasture year-round. They may be brought indoors because of severe weather and for the daily milking.

Supplemental organic grains can include any of the following: corn, soy, oats, barley, triticale and other small grains. Animals also receive necessary mineral supplements that sometimes include non-iodized salt. The exact amount of grains varies somewhat from farmer to farmer based on many different factors, including region of the country where the farm is located, season, and management practices of the farmer."

Health Care Disclaimer: If you are under a doctor's care and have been advised to go on a low-fat diet, please check with your doctor before trying bulletproof coffee. It will add anywhere from 12 to 24g of saturated fat. There is no scientific basis for the claims made about health benefits from bulletproof coffee. I can say I love it and I feel very good drinking it. It gives me sustained energy and does, in fact, improve my mental clarity. Beyond that, check with your doctor if under a doctor's care for any known medical condition or if advised to avoid caffiene or high fat foods. Your success with bulletproof coffee depends, in no small measure, on what kind of butter and what kind of coffee and what kind of MCT oil you use.