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Spiritual Message of Bursitis
What Your Body May Be Trying to Say

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What is the spiritual message in the pain and swelling of bursitis?


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Discerning non-physical components of the physical manifestation of bursitis
If you ask Louise Hay about bursitis, she delivers a pretty strong non-physical and underlying reason that we may develop this painful condition. According to Ms. Hay, bursitis stems from repressed anger. She even goes so far as bursitis presenting when we are so angry, we want to hit someone.

For me, in the two times I've manifested this condition, there is truth in that. Resentment was the main factor I noticed in both situations but from that resentment came anger that I didn't feel able to express and yes, I wanted to hit something or someone.

The last bout I had with bursitis was about a decade ago now. I was driving home from a vacation trip and seemed to be bombarded by cigarette smoke everywhere we stopped. Convenience stores, restaurants, hotel rooms that were supposed to be non-smoking.

The smoke triggered my childhood memories of being in toxic smoke and unable to escape it. This went all the way back to before I was born, as I discovered in a rebirthing session that I felt as if I were being poisoned in the womb. I was also born with the embilical cord wrapped around my neck and almost died being delivered. After being born, I could do nothing then to keep my parents from smoking or my dad from drinking. That same helpless feeling came over me again, to the extent that I experienced not just repressed anger but repressed rage.

The fact that my mom still smoked and needed to stop every few hours to do so only triggered me more. I could smell it strongly every time she got back in the car made it even worse. Add to this my fatigue from driving for hours and a negative state of mind�..surely the formula for some kind of physical manifestation.

I remember sitting in bumper to bumper traffic and then driving through pouring rain, and all the while, I leaned with my left elbow on the armrest on the door. It was not a cushioned armrest but hard plastic. I remember my elbow hurting but I was so exhausted and resentful and negative that I didn�t think to move it�..for hours.

That was the beginning of the bursitis and I realize I stuffed all that rage into my elbow and let it keep hurting so that I would not strike out at my Mother. So I know the emotional root of it now. The next step was to look at why it has resurfaced again. What triggered a repeat of the bursitis?

The second time I have ever had bursitis, resentment was, once again, at the core of it. And, again, was is family-oriented. And the result of my own judgment of where I thought my family ought to be in their lives. this was closely followed by self-abuse as I turned that anger toward myself for judging them or thinking I know what's best for them, or anyone else.

Oh, yes, a cauldron of resentment, self-recrimination and anger that was sure to manifest as some kind of pain in my body.

So anger/resentment is cause; what is cure?
We can only operate at our current bandwidth of awareness. I was so shut down around my feelings of anger toward my parents for the toxic environment in which I was raised that I simply had no access to expressing it at the time. My body did what it had to do to help me keep whatever balance I could at the time.

I now appreciate the body wisdom because addressing the situation directly wasn't possible then. I've learned to be more gentle with myself and with others as we all navigate this human experience. That Spirit of forgiveness (even when I didn't really mean it yet) helped me be able to accept what happened in the past and also helped me become more expressive and able to communicate because it lessened the anger charge around communicating. When there is so much repressed anger, it makes communication difficult. When that anger can be softened, even a little, it helps the next time.

I started doing the Ho'oponopono prayer, which is "I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you."

I started working in the quantum field with my emotions rather than directly with the mind. In other words, I stopped thinking it to death and started working with the energetic patterns of dis-ease within me. I found that focusing on the energetic pattern itself, rather than thinking about the situation and what to do about it, was more helpful.

It's beyond the scope of this article to define how that works but if interested in quantum levels of healing, I'd recommend the work of Richard Bartlett or Wendy Down. Both these teachers have greatly enhanced my understanding of how the quantum field informs the physical results.

Spiritual Health Disclaimer: The spiritual information on this website is the result of my own life as a 6/3 Generator (research Human Design to see what that means) practicing trial and error. Nothing here is meant to replace a person's innate spiritual sensing and guidance.