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I'm pleased to be able to offer the health supplements that are made by a company called T. J. Clark. I have long believed that the body best assimilates liquid supplements so I'm happy to be able to provide a manufacturer who offers quality liquid vitamin and mineral formulas, here at Ask a Healer.

What is different about the T.J. Clark brand of colloidal minerals?

If you've tried colloidal minerals before, you may wonder what makes one brand any better than another. The source where the minerals are gathered is one factor.

T. J. Clark's phytogenic colloidal minerals are gathered from plant deposits which are authentically prehistoric and, as such, contain many trace elements and micronutrients that other colloidals lack, in addition to containing all the major minerals your body needs

In addition to their powerful colloidal mineral blend, this company also offers liquid formulas of CoQ10, MSM, a male potency formula, a very targeted smog detox formula, natural HRT and amino acid liquid blends, ginseng, a liquid weight loss formula and more.

Explore the Superior Health Supplements made available by T.J. Clark Company
In particular, I recommend the T. J. Clark Colloidal Minerals and their MSM supplement. Their female weight loss formulas look great too!

Health Disclaimer: Health Supplements are not suggested as replacement for any needed medical treatment or evaluation. Supplements enhance the body's natural healing mechanisms and are presented as adjunctive support.