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Note from Neva: Unfortunately, the Good Health Supplements products are no longer available online. GHS products were consistently the single-most popular supplements I've ever shared here at the Wellness Library. This particular heart formula was askahealer-recommended because it approaches healing the heart from a nutritional perspective. I was also impressed by the success rate from users, the thermal imaging before and after documentation and the real life story of Ira Marxe, who came back from heart failure and who credited this product as being a major component in his own recovery. Unfortunately, the company decided to close in late 2016 and I can no longer refer people to this product.

However, I very much agree with a nutritional approach to helping the body heal heart disease, in all cases where heart disease has not progressed to the stage where statins or surgery are the only option. I believe the body was designed to stay healthy if given pure water and pure food to eat. Unfortunately, nontoxic air, food and water are getting harder and harder to find. The body can benefit from a little extra support in this area, especially for those unable to afford to always eat organic foods.

Supplying nutrition that is important for the heart feels like a really solid approach to cardiovascular health to me, since so many conditions can be linked back to diet. Because this is a nutritional product, it will also be easier to discuss with your doctor. Your doctor may not know so much about adding herbal remedies but they will know about vitamins. GHS Ultra contains vitamins known to support healthy heart function, in precise amounts that the heart can utilize to clear arteries of arterial plaque. The safety, research and documentation or results on this product are impressive.

If you have arterial plaque, consider a nutritional approach to helping your body address them. I was very impressed by digital pictures after people had used this supplement for six months, which showed arterial plaque was dramatically decreased in the arteries. The company was started by a man named Ira Marx who was diagnosed with CHF (chronic heart failure) in 1997. Like most doctors do, his doctor wanted to put him on Lipitor. Ira refused because he kind of had an inside track on the documentation of harmful effects from statins. His wife was on the faculty of Albert Einstein College of Medicine. So, Ira reversed his own CHF with nutrition and ended up living a long full life way past the death sentence his doctor seemed to be offering him in 1997.

I kept Good Health Supplements products on my websites for about 8 years. Their natural cardiovascular health remedy, GHS Plus consistently sold better than any other cardiovascular health product I've shared on the wellness library, with more repeat orders and virtually no returns. When they came out with the upgraded GHS Ultra, I knew they'd never change the original formula unless it meant a significant improvement on the already well-proven GHS Plus, which is still available as part of the Total Health Program package offered by Good Health Supplements.

After reading about the GHS Ultra formula, I felt it could, in some cases, offer a natural option for restoring health formulas other than herbal heart formulas because doctors are sometimes hesitant to approve herbal remedies due to potential side effects. I figured GHS Ultra may have more chance of getting included in the heart care regimen, for those already under a doctor's care for arterial plaque or heart disease.

I regret that GHS is not available now and hope that someone will take up the idea of nutritional supplementation for heart health. I think it holds tremendous promise.

Sugar Alcohols and Your Heart: Is it your heart or a sorbitol side effect? - Sugar alcohols affect many people adversely, including me. Learn how they might create cardiovascular symptoms. In addition to troubling side effects, sorbitol has been linked with diabetes-related complications. Personally, I stay clear of all the -tols, which includes sorbitol, mannitol, erythritol, xylitol, etc. I get bad reactions from all of them.

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Cardiovascular Health Disclaimer: The GHS Ultra formula is a natural cardiovascular health remedy providing nutrition the heart likes. It is not presented as replacement for any medical conditoin or needed medical attention for heart disease, hardening of the arteries, high cholesterol or arterial plaque. Interested in more heart-healthy articles? Visit our Cardiovascular Health Articles page for information on natural remedies and herbals that support a healthy heart.