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Review of Can-C Eyedrops
Antioxidants and Soothing Benefits

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Review of Can-C Eye Drops

Update 1/29/2016: I'll just start with this ... I LOVE THESE EYEDROPS!

I was told, at my last eye exam, that there was some "yellowing of the lens" which might be the beginnings of a cataract. I read a review about carnosine eye drops and how the antioxidants could be helpful for eye health. I had seen reference to the drops being of benefit in cases of cataracts too so I ordered some Can-C drops from amazon. I had a gift coupon so it didn't hurt too bad. Just saying they are expensive. I paid about $40 for two tiny bottles.

Soothing, refreshing and helpful The eye drops stung a little the first time I used them but my eyes were irritated as a result of mercury detoxing at the time. In fact, my whole head was irritated. After a few moments, the stinging stopped and I felt a definite soothing result. The next morning, my eyes were a little dry and itchy (I have had trouble with dry eyes for a long time and also associated that symptom with mercury from amalgams) so I used the drops again. I can honestly say I felt less eye strain and experienced a more relaxed vision within a day.

At time of this writing (1/29/2016) I've been using the drops for about a week and a half, or there abouts. I continued to appreciate the reduction in eye strain. My eyes just feel more relaxed as I do my computer work. I love these drops.

What I Don't Like About Can-C Eyedrops:
Of course, the price tag is an issue. There are many brands of carnosine drops that are less expensive than Can-C but are they as good? I don't know but I'd like to see that price come down a bit.

Another issue I have is how hard it is to get a drop to come out. I know they do that to keep too much from coming out at once but I've ended up wasting precious, expensive drops just because I had to put so much pressure on the bottle that my hand moved and I missed the eye. I suppose it's a hard thing to do, get the drops to come out easily but not so easily that you end up putting five in your eye instead of one. In any case, just saying there is a learning curve as to how to get the drop in the eye or, maybe it's just me.

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Health Disclaimer:
Carnosine eye drops are not suggested as replacement for any medical testing, evaluation or treatment you may require. If you suspect you might have cataracts, please see the appropriate opthamology expert.

Can-C Eye Drops Reviewed by Neva Howell. Carnosine Eye Drop Benefits My review of the Can-C Eyedrops