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Is The Rise in Celiac Disease from
Gluten Allergies or Glyphosate?

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The Glyphosate in Round Up Linked to Rise in Celiac Disease


Symptoms of Celiac Sprue

About Celiac Sprue and DH

Any of my facebook friends will tell yp I post ad nauseum about the risks of GMO foods and glyphosate. It seems I read yet another article or report every day, linking Monsanto products and frankenseed to health challenges. While the studies that have been done so far are all with animals so far, it appears that all animals fed GM or "round-up ready" food long term experience health problems.

Glyphosate Linked to Celiac Disease and Kidney Disease
I read about the unexplained rise in kidney disease in India, in areas where glyphosate began to be heavily used on crops. No noticable news coverage of an event that clearly implicates the Round Up product as a danger to human health.

Today, I read of another link between glyphosate (the active ingredient in Round Up) and disease. It appears the rise in celiac disease parallels the use of Round Up. It's interesting because, every where you turn, people are talking about having to stop eating foods with gluten, and particularly wheat. What if it isn't the wheat at all but the glyphosate with which the wheat is treated? This is looking more and more to be the case.

Those who have health concerns about GMO products overlooked wheat because GMO wheat had not been approved. There is not supposed to be any genetically modified wheat being grown. Because wheat is not a recognized GMO crop, it has been overlooked by some (including me for a while) as a source of glyphosate. The intestinal and stomach issues that have been linked more and more strongly to ingesting GM foods did not seem to apply. However, with this new report, it appears Monsanto is to blame. Dr. Stephanie Seneff says that most wheat, unless organic, is treated with glyphosate these days. Dr. Mercola has a video interview with Stephanie Seneff about this important health alert, and also some more information about how glyphosate effects our gut health. Worth a read and a listen.

UPDATE 2016: Even though it was never approved for commercial growth, GMO wheat has been found. Read the report: genetically modified wheat in Washington

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Health Care Disclaimer: The information in this alternative health care article on celiac disease is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice or treatment from your health care professional. If you have been diagnosed with celiac disease, wheat allergies or other digestive problems, please consult with your chosen healthcare professional before adding new products to your wellness regime.