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The Butterfly Wing Effect


This is part two of an article on the chaos theory, with regard to my walk and path. To get full meaning of this page, please read the introduction to the chaos theory

Potential being constantly shifted by intention appears chaotic. In my experience of reality, there is nothing chaotic about it at all, and no randomness. So, even though things may sometimes appear chaotic, my sense is that there is a precision to this universe that is beyond the machinations of the most elaborate computer we have here on earth.

Flap Away, Little Butterfly


I don't understand the chaos theory as it is taught in the books. I'm not scientifcally minded. I don't necessarily embrace the chaos theory or, at least, I would have picked another name. It seems to me there is an order to things, even in the most chaotic of situations. I don't understand the order underlying reality either. So, I'm a physics dummy but also a spiritually sensitive being that wants to be in this world with some sense of navigation. How does one navigate chaos? Does one?

Have you heard of the butterfly effect? It's a theory that, as far as I can understand it, means the slightest change by the slightest energy shift, even down to the minute flap of a butterfly wing, changes literally everything else that exists. The flapping of a single butterfly's wing today produces a tiny change in the state of the atmosphere. Over a period of time, what the atmosphere actually does diverges from what it would have done.

So, a butterfly flaps it's wings and, in a month's time, a tornado that would have devastated the Indonesian coast doesn't happen. Or maybe a natural disaster that wasn't going to happen, does. (Suggested reading: Does God Play Dice? by Ian Stewart). If I think of that, the butterfly effect, rather than chaos, it points to such an exquisite coherence of order for me.

I chose to come in as the person I am now. I chose my parents and chose this reality for myself this time around. In working with people over the years, as a facilitator of their healing themselves, I have noticed the choices inherent in the lessons each was working to learn and share with the world.

I've also noticed how the parents chosen, the physical body chosen, etc., have all greatly facilitated the lessons and the sharing of each person. This leads me to believe that I am not the only one who chose to be here, just this way, for this lifetime. Intention, in my reality, creates my reality. Lack of spiritual intention creates apparent chaos and randomness of events as my reality.

Me and the Alcoholic:

In answering the question about where I see particular types of people fitting into healing (read chaos theory, part one), I have to look at my own journey as a healer once more.

I used to believe I was chosen by God to be a healer; that there was something special or different about me. In a way that is true but it is equally true of the homeless alcoholic in the gutter. We are both divine beings of light but are manifesting reality in totally different ways in our lives. I am not so sure which one of us would be living the more courageous expression of Light in form.

I acknowledge each person as a master, a healer, special and unique in their own way but I have stopped seeing anyone as more special or particularly chosen. For example, I have tremendous respect for spiritual leaders such as The Dalai Lama and Mother Meera but I do not see them as chosen by God. Rather I see them as choosing to serve beyond the levels of self-sacrifice that most of us choose. Perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps they are chosen by the Divine. For me, to think so is old paradigm thinking feels like a spiritually non-progressive decision that might keep me locked in some kind of unhealthy comparison of spiritual hierarchy

Spirited Disclaimer: Spiritual awareness and truth, from one person to another, shifts and changes as each of us grows and develops. The spiritual healing and spiritual acceleration articles on this site are meant only as sharings of experience at particular points on the path to awakening. They will not resonate with everyone. Take what serves you.