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Spiritual Intention and the Chaos Theory


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Is Existence Random and Chaotic? Are some chosen by God to be heros and healers? Are others predestined to be evil and play the villain? Does reality have any true order to it or is it just a toss of the dice, a flip of the cosmic coin, that determines what happens to any of us in the next moment. and if it is so ... There is a scientific theory, the chaos theory. The name is a little misleading because it really doesn't refer to a chaotic, confused, situation but a concept I find hard to put in simple terms. The chaos theory suggests that what appears to be unpredictable actually has some kind of order, though we may not see it. And according to chaos theory, the most minute thing that changes in all the world, has the capacity to change eventually change everthing else.

I read something and experienced some things that caused me to write this. You have somehow come upon this and are reading these words. I may not know you and may never meet you but we have intersected here for a moment and that changes everything, everywhere. It boggles me on a lot of levels, and on another level, I know it's true. However, in trying to talk about this, it literally makes my hair hurt. If you are not a quantum physicist, try to understand a definition like the following:

Chaos Theory as defined by Kellert: The qualitative study of unstable aperiodic behavior in deterministic nonlinear dynamical systems. Oh, ok.

And, on a different but related note...

I'm retired from any label of being a healer now. The term I prefer for what happens when I meet with people in a facilitation fashion is etheric alchemy. When I did call myself a healer and worked in that bandwidth of reality, I was very often asked if I believe our existence is intended or random. This question was usually asked by someone wishing to receive affirmation on a spiritual gift they feel they had.

Another time I got this question was when someone was seeking explanation for an affliction with which they were suffering. They wanted to feel there was a reason for it; a design behind the experience that would ulitimately be of benefit to them.

We don't have to look far in history to find those who do seem to have been born to bring in a gift and have also been challenged to present that gift in difficult situations but is that grand design or just a happenstance of creation? Stephen Hawking comes to mind. His body is trapped but his mind brilliantly unrestrained. Is that by divine design or cosmic accident?

Would God do that? Would God force a Being of Light to make that choice? Did Stephen Hawking choose exactly that body on some level or was it just a random toss of the cosmic dice?

In other words, did God send certain people to be healers and others to be without that gift? Did God send certain people into damaged bodies and others to be physically whole?

What about the two-spirits warrior, the psychic, those who speak with people who have died.....are they special? Or did they make soul choices that opened more of their divine nature? And how about the homeless alcoholic sex offender?

Chosen by God?

If one believes the healer was chosen by God to be a healer, was also the one to be healed chosen by God to fill that role as well? If God is doing all this choosing, are we just puppets playing out some kind of game for God?

I've heard all these questions and more. I've asked most of them myself, at some point in my spiritual journey. Here's what I understand at my current level of spiritual awareness:

Two factors have resulted in reality as I have known it so far..... My spiritual intention (coupled with my level of awareness and freedom from personal blocks) OR the lack of any spiritual intention.

Apparent randomness may be the result of lack of intention in one person or a group, or a city of people. or it may be due to sudden shifts in consciousness that then, just as instantly, shift events.

Spirited Disclaimer: Spiritual awareness and truth, from one person to another, shifts and changes as each of us grows and develops. The spiritual healing and spiritual acceleration articles on this site are meant only as sharings of experience at particular points on the path to awakening. They will not resonate with everyone. Take what serves you.