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Does Cholesterol Cause Heart Disease?
Medical Doctor Doesn't Think So

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Ask A Healer Cardiovascular Health Series

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The Cholesterol Lie by Dr. Dwight Lundell

Here's The Truth - Cholesterol Is Vital, Not Evil!

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That is the bold statement made by Dr. Dwight Lundell, who is a distinquished cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon with over 5,000 surgeries to his credit. In the ebooklet download from Dr. Lundell, The Cholesterol Lie, Dr. Lundell reveals how the current medical thinking on the link between cholesterol and heart disease started, why it is in error, and other solutions to heart disease about which your doctor may not be aware.

I have not read the entire book but one thing jumped out at me immediately and it was Dr. Lundell's statement about the main cause of heart disease being inflammation. I totally agree with that statement. From what I've read, internal inflammation is the core cause of a lot of conditions, not just heart disease. Dr. Lundell notes that the clinical studies that have been done with patients lowering the cholesterol in their diet in an effort to impact cholesterol levels in the blood show that it doesn't really work.

A low-cholesterol diet is not the answer to heart disease, according to Dr. Lundell. I agree with that statment too.

Here are more intriquing statements, directly from Dr. Lundell's website:
* Heart disease deaths continued to soar throughout all these decades reaching epidemic proportions.
* Reducing the risk of cholesterol has no effect on the risk of heart disease.
* Low-fat diets do not reduce the risk of heart disease.
* A daily dose of aspirin, an ANTI-INFLAMMATORY (not a fat emulsifier!) does reduce the risk of chronic heart disease - proof again that inflammation, not cholesterol is the enemy within (ignored in the Framingham Study).

If you have tried a low-cholesterol, low-fat diet and it hasn't helped, or if you just want to learn more about the impact of internal inflammation and learn natural ways of reducing internal inflammation in the body, please read more at the secure order site for Dr. Lundell's ebook.

Note: I no longer promote clickbank products due to their recent policy of charging what I consider unfair fees to affiliates. However, you may find The Cholesterol Lie By Dr. Dwight Lundell thru google search.

Health Disclaimer: This information is presented as educational material and not meant to replace medical advice, evaluation or treatment. Though Dr. Lundell is a thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon, each case of heart disease is best addressed individually and with your own cardivacular health team. I'd suggest taking the information to your cardiovascular surgeon and asking if the internal inflammation reduction tips in the ebook might work in your case.