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How Often Should You Cleanse The Colon?
Are There Ways to Reduce The Need for Detoxing?

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What you can do to keep bowel movements healthy and reduce the need for colon detoxing


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This is part of a series on colon detoxing. In previous sections, we talked about colon cleanse side effects, detoxing tips, reasons our colon may become toxic and symptoms of a healing crisis.

While I usually suggest a maintenance cleanse at least twice a year for most folks who are otherwise healthy, it is possible to reduce the chances of intestinal congestion and the need for colon detoxing as often, by adapting a few healthy practices and making a few dietary changes. To reduce your risk of intestinal congestion and reduce the need to cleansing, eliminate or drastically cut down on the following:

* Processed foods
* Fried foods
* White flour products
* Refined sugar
* Meat
* Dairy Products

More tips for colon health: In addition to the dietary changes suggested above, and equally important, healthy bowel movements may be greatly assisted by:

* Getting 6-8 hours of restful sleep each night
* Drinking 64 ounces of pure water a day
* Drinking at least half your water in an alkaline state
* Moderate full-body exercise such as power walking
* Utilizing stress-busting techniques such as meditation or biofeedback
* Regular Foot reflexology treatments

Foot reflexology is just wonderful for constipation as well as helping the body to maintain good bowel movements and produce healthy stool. I suggest getting a reflexology treatment weekly if constipation or other bowel problems exist. With regular foot reflexology treatments, you may find your need for colon detoxing greatly reduced in time. Be sure to let your foot reflexologist know about colon health issues before beginning the session and also explain any other health conditions for which you may be medically treated. It's important also to notify the reflexologist if you have diabetes or circulation issues affecting the feet.

Health Care Disclaimer: The information contained in this health care article on healing crisis symptoms is not intended to take the place of any needed medical attention. Continuing a cleanse if you suspect you may be in a healing crisis is a choice you make at your own risk. If you have any diagnosed bowel problem whatsoever, please check with your doctor before undergoing a cleanse or detox of any kind.