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The Creative Moments Series -- Wearer of many creative hats, Jayne Morgan, shares wisdom to inspire actors!


On Creative Burnout

Monologues for Actors

About Jayne Morgan: Jayne is an actor, director, casting director and teacher in Knoxville, TN. She is also the founder of the Acting Freedom studio.

You meet a lot of people at auditions, casting calls, and on the set. I tend to gravitate toward and engage with most fully those who have a personal sense of integrity and authenticity. Jayne Morgan is one of those people. I have lost an acting role to Jayne Morgan before. It always hurts to lose a role you really want but it eases the pain a little when you know the actor that got the role will knock it out of the park! I knew Jayne would, and she did.

I've known Jayne for more years than both of us might want to mention. She's a professional through and through, whether she is acting, directing a theatrical production or teaching an acting class. Any actor would be in great hands in Jayne's classes. It's a pleasure for me to share these creative moments with my friend, the multi-talented Jayne Morgan.

Creative Moments with Jayne Morgan:

Question 1: If you could give an actor only one acting tip for creating inspired and believable characters, what would it be?

Jayne's Response: To create believable and inspired characters it all comes down to really getting inside what the character wants. We're all driven by our desires. They pull us through the story of our lives. Asking yourself what the character wants (whether they know it or not) in each moment is a hard, but helpful discipline for any actor.

Question 2: What advice would you give creative performers on developing their career, making a living, and enjoying the creative aspects of life as a performer in film and television?

Jayne's Response: Being an actor is like being a surfer. Your skill allows you to ride the waves when they come along, but you can't control the weather. In the slow times, you need other things that fulfill you. And define success on your own terms, not by comparing your career with someone else's.

Did you catch the creative moments with one of my all-time favorite acting teachers? If not, please explore the wisdom of an actor who had done over 300 films last time I checked. Stephen Tobolowsky Interview. Also, I recommend the creative moments interview I did with my friend and one of the most dedicated actors and teachers I know in the business here in the south: Tim Ross