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Maggie Viale Interview

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The Creative Moments Interviews - What Does it take to make it as a writer, actor, producer and artist?


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Creative Moments About Writing with Published Author Maggie Viale:

I met Maggie Viale in Los Angeles, during my last "go to L.A. and be an actor" trip. Maggie and I hit it off on several levels. We both want to create in such a way as to make a positive difference on the planet; we both love spiritual topics and living with spiritual awareness; we both love painting, writing and the creative arts.

When Maggie asked me to contribute to the book she was working on, titled Happiness Awaits You, I was honored to do so. The book has been flying off the virtual world shelves because the messages are so inspirational and speak to times in life where everyone could use a little help seeing thru to the light on the other side of life's challenges. I'm so proud to have been a small part of Happiness Awaits You and it's inspiring message.

Maggie has also had me in the loop of creative projects over the years because we both want to work with each other on something terrific, at the right time. I'm excited at the potential! I consider friends like Maggie, Del Shores and Stephen Tobolowsky to be the real value from my trips to Los Angeles; friendship is the thing that endures after this or that transitory dream is gone.

About Maggie: Maggie Viale is an award-winning artist/writer/producer and published author with numerous projects in various stages of development. This year, 2016, she also had a film at Sundance. That was exciting news but I always knew Maggie's talent would take her there. A published author, Maggie's latest project is a book, Happiness Awaits You! A collection of 68 true stories by 44 authors. Happiness Awaits You. OK, without further ado...

Creative Moments with the Inspiring Maggie Viale:

Question # 1. If you could give a performer only one Writing tip for creating inspired and believable characters, what would it be?

Maggie's Response: Write characters with transformational arcs.

When I read a script, I must connect with the characters in such a deep way that I feel them. So many scripts just scratch the surface of a character. It doesn’t feel like a living, breathing being. I need to feel passionate about the transformation the main character goes through and the message that is going out to the world. I believe that in its highest form, film is a gift of healing for everyone involved, including the audience.

What are you spreading by writing, directing, producing or acting in a specific film? Yes, we all go through our dark hour. But in the end what are you leaving the audience with and what is your responsibility to your audience. Are you spreading fear with a particular project or are you spreading love, hope, laughter, transformation and light.

Pay attention to your choices. Film is healing and I hope you choose to be involved with projects that make a positive impact with characters that grow and evolve through love.

Question # 2. What advice would you give writers on developing their career, making a living, and enjoying the creative aspects of life as a writer? Maggie's Additional Suggestions,to any creative person:

If you don't love it, if it doesn't make your heart sing, then do something that does. I believe we are here to manifest paradise on earth. Joy is part of this vision. If it brings you joy, gives you energy, enriches you life, then you are on the right track. Do what you love!