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The Creative Moments Series -- Actor and Teacher Tim Ross on good acting and the importance of networking!


On Creative Burnout

Monologues for Actors

About Tim Ross: Tim has appeared in literally hundreds of commercials, films and plays. He has appeared on-camera, through voicevers, and as a model and hand model. Tim has appeared on camera in over a dozen national commercials and many regional and local spots. Tim Ross, Actor

I met Tim Ross, or "Ross" as he likes to be called, when we both worked on a very cool indie film a few years back. I liked him immediately because he has a great sense of humor and because I could tell he was dedicated to his craft, despite that sense of humor being so evident on set. I later got to work with Ross again on another indie, Our scenes ended up being shot on separate days so I didn't actually see him til the premiere but, in that one, he played a very different character than the first role I'd seen him play and I saw the same dedication to his craft in that performance.

More recently, I saw him in "Christmas in the Smokies" in yet another type of role. His acting is consistent and solid but what is really over-the-top amazing to me is how good Tim Ross is with infomercials. You know the kind ... where the actor has tons of copy and also has to do other things while remembering TONS of monologue. He's quite remarkable at delivering copy that is technical and wordy, as if he is just talking off the top of his head and while handling props and walking. I would hurt myself trying to do all that!

In addition to working ALL the time, Ross somehow finds magic time to do acting workshops as well. I've never attended one but based on what I know of his work ethic, I would expect any class or workshop with Tim Ross to be packed full of useful acting information. In fact, here's one of many testimonials about the quality of a Ross workshop, and it's from a casting director!

"I truly believe Tim is the instructor to help guide talent to better auditions, to stronger auditions, and to consistently great auditions. I've seen the impact he has had on students." Paige Johnston Thomas: Co-owner of Corrigan and Johnston Casting

OK, without further ado ... Creative Moments with Tim Ross:

Question 1: If you could give an actor only one acting tip for creating inspired and believable characters, what would it be?

The Ross Response:: Ask yourself as many questions as you can that pertain to the character. If the character is a Doctor, ask yourself everything you can think of that might describe a doctor's work life, ethics, home life, education, behavior under pressure, world view, etc. The more you can ask and answer the more organic your performance will become. But you have to do the homework. Deeply.

Question 2: What advice would you give creative performers on developing their career, making a living, and enjoying the creative aspects of life as a performer in film and television?

The Ross Response: Network. Did I mention networking? Definitely don't forget networking. a large percentage of my work comes from repeat clients and from recommends or a heads up from a colleague I've worked with before and/or network with on a regular basis. My friend, Neva Howell, gave me a heads up about a recent casting and I ended up booking the film. So....networking.

Did you catch the creative moments with one of my all-time favorite acting teachers? If not, please explore the wisdom of an actor who had done over 300 films last time I checked. Stephen Tobolowsky Interview Also, I recommend the creative moments interview I did with my friend, who is a very busy actor / director / teacher in the Knoxville area: Jayne Morgan