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The Spiritual Meaning of Depression
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What does the manifestation of depression mean on a spiritual level? How may spiritually aware being relieve depression naturally?


Natural Depression Remedies

Symptoms of depression

In my spiritual awareness and from a spiritual perspective, depression may be out-pictured in the body through a chemical imbalance in the brain. In other words, feelings of stress, anxiety or depression are signals from the brain to alert me that I have an emotional, mental or spiritual imbalance.

The true cause of depression is etheric, or energetic and precedes the chemical imbalance that eventually announces itself as "depression" via a clinical diagnosis. Imbalances in the etheric template surrounding the body or in the energy field are at least partially (and often almost entirely) caused by error thinking. Error thinking is any way of thinking, behaving or being that is not in alignment with your soul. Belief systems installed during childhood are often the source of error thinking that leads to a depressed system as an adult.

As a spiritual healing facilitator, I see the body as a geiger counter or diagnostic tool for us as spiritual beings. It registers imbalance to a minute degree and one of the ways it does this is by altering chemicals. This is a way the body sends an alarm to us, letting us know that our thinking, behaviors or limiting belief systems are no longer serving us in some way.

One may artificially manipulate the physical system through prescription drugs but, in my awareness, the non-physical components of a depressed state of living must be addressed for true healing. I'm not saying the prescription drugs do not have a place in the healing process. For some, they provide a temporary balancing so that one can function. However, used long-term and as substitutes for healing the core reasons one becomes depressed, prescription drugs fail us.

There are other ways to restore balance that do not leave us dependent on a pill for the rest of our lives. Tools that may be helful to release error thinking and restore mental clarity include subliminal and hypnosis tapes, biofeedback, meditation and movement therapy such as dance. Healing facilitation modalities such as Reiki and massage may also assist in the release of error thinking and limiting beliefs. Many of these healing tools and modalities are additionally relaxing to the body which may help with stress.

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Mental Health Disclaimer: Attaching spiritual meaning to physical imbalance is normal for those who realize that most physical illness is preceded by some form of emotional, mental or spiritual crisis or break in normal energy flows. Restoring wholeness as a spiritual being involves noticing the meaning of depression and what imbalance it may be point toward in our emotional lives. There are many different approaches to good mental health and it may take some work with qualified professionals to find your best path to healing.