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Detox Foot Pads™ naturally promote powerful detox

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Featured Detox Formula: Bioray HDF Plus - Contains probiotics, micronized chlorella, organic cilantro, Agaricus Blazei, Reishi and Cordyceps mushroom, Milk thistle, Horsetail Herb, in a base of deionized water and gluten free alcohol (20% by volume).

Detox Foot pads are as good as the ingredients used. In other words, some are worthless and may even introduce toxins, whether or not they actually draw any out. I recommend foot pads that are made from 100% certified organic ingredients. I also look for products that indicate they have done heavy metals testing on the ingredients. Unfortunately, because of the continual radiation stream leaking from the Fukushima power plant, I can no longer suggest any detox foot pads from Japan. The recommended uses for detox foot pads would include general detoxing, help with headaches and stress reduction, to promote healthy sleep and to improve circulation.

Users report feeling less fatiqued and tired, experiencing less pain and more vitality when using detox foot pads. Another popular option are the detox foot baths. These are machines that you soak your feet in. They are controversial but many feel that they do indeed help with detoxing the body. They may be found in health food stores and spas.

Home units of the detox bath machine are available online but they are a bit pricy. Here's one to research, if you have an interest in owning your own detox bath unit to use at home: Timmall ION Ionic Detox Foot Bath Cleanse SPA with TUB

Detoxing Disclaimer: Topical applications allow for a certain percentage of ingredients to enter the bloodstream. A health care consultant in the spa industry told me that the body will absorb around 40 percent of facial ingredients or body wrap ingredients. I would expect the percentage might be less for foot pads but still, you are going to get some of the ingredients in your blood stream so the same disclaimer always applies - check with your doctor if on medications or under care. As for ionic foot baths, the results are ancedotal and there have been no studies that I know of proving the detox capacity. Nothing on Ask a Healer is presented as medical advice.