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Health Benefits of Master Cleanse
Also Known as The Lemonade Diet

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What are the benefits of this Lemonade Diet?


Master Cleanse Benefits:
The reported health benefits associated with doing the Master Cleanse, also called the Lemonade Diet, are quite impressive. A wide range of positive results are one reason so many are drawn to try it. Reported beneficial results include:

* Leveling of hormonal balances

* Setting the stage in the body for a tendency toward healthy habits which doesn't seem to require willpower

* Normalization of metabolic rate and appetite, both of which contribute to a healtheir weight over time.

* Cleansing and detoxing of the entire system

* A reduction in internal inflammation, quite a blessing to those with joint and muscle aches and pains, as well as those with other health conditions that have been linked to internal inflammation including heart disease, cancer and other disease.

* Noticable increases in energy

* Beneficial changes in sex drive, moods, muscle tone and metabolic rate due to glandular cleansing

* Reducing in storage of fat in the body and signs of aging.

What's in The Master Cleanse?
The recipe consists of just 4 synergistic ingredients: fresh-squeezed lemon juice, grade-B organic maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water. There are recipes online if you want to make your own or you can get the cleanse pre-made at your favorite health food store. Here's the organic master cleanse kit available on amazon right now, complete with everything except the lemons, which must be added fresh. If you decide to make your own Master Cleanse formula, you do need to use grade-B organic syrup and filtered water.

Though the ingredients of the lemondade diet are simple, this cleanse is not the easiest detox in the world to complete because you must fast. In other words, the only nourishment you take in is the lemonade. I would definitely not do a cleanse like this longterm, either and I can't imagine doing it for 40 days, as some people do. It's high sugar content deters me as well as the strong action of lemon on digestive enzymes.

Detox and Cleanse Cautions:
If you are under a doctor's care for obesity issues, heavy metal poisioning or cancer, you should check with your doctor before beginning The Master Cleanse or any detox program. This health care article is provided for those who want to learn more about how to detox their bodies safely. This information is not intended to take the place of personal medical advice from your health care professional. Any action taken based on the contents found in this or any educational health information here is at the sole discretion of the reader. Please consult with a qualified specialist for concerns relating to your health and well-being.