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Want to try a body wrap at home?

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As I've mentioned during the body wrap articles on this website, wrapping is great (depending on ingredients used) for toning, inch loss, metabolism boosting, cellulite reduction, reducing stretchmarks or detoxing. However, they are not a replacement for dietary changes and exercise. As part of a healthy weight loss regimen, body wraps have a place. The best approach to weight loss will include a variety of healthy choices such as moderate exercise three times a week, cutting back on processed foods and fast foods, increasing your consumption of raw, organic foods and detoxing as needed.

As important as all those things are, none of those are my top priorities for a healthy weight. To help the body naturally balance any imbalance of the physical body, whether the imbalance shows up as an illness, disease or excess weight, the very first things we need to address are stress levels and sleep. If you are under consistent harmful stress or you are not getting enough good sleep (and often, these two go hand in hand) your body will have a very hard time letting go of excess weight.

That having been said, body wraps may be very helpful as you lose weight, to keep the skin looking taut and healthy, to clear detox-related acne, bumps or rashes (if you are detoxing or doing a diet that naturally detoxes such as juicing, raw foods diet or Lemonade Diet) and to minimize stretchmark appearance as you lose weight.

How to Do a Body Wrap at Home:
If you'd rather do your wrapping at home, rather than going to a spa and having a technician do the work, there are options. Some companies sell really good body wrap ingredients and even kits for doing body wraps at home

There's a guide to doing body wraps at home on wikihow too. This guide has step by step instructions from how to get bandages to finding a sauna suit to how to actually do the body wrap once you get all the ingredients and tools assembled. There are a ton of pictures on this article as well. It's a good read but a bit tedious as you have to continually scroll down for each simple step. If you'd rather have instructions in a hard copy format or in a kindle or ebook format, I found a couple of really good resources online and did a couple of do at home body wrap guide reviews.

Body Wrap Cautions:
Do not use body wraps if pregnant. Check with your doctor if nursing or under a doctor's care for any known medical condition, no exceptions. This information is not intended to take the place of personal medical advice from your health care professional Bodywraps are beneficial for detoxing the skin, toning the skin and improving skin tone. Some body wraps may help with inch loss over time but should not be considered a weight loss program, in and of themselves. Healthy eating, exercise and other healthy habits all play a role in losing weight and keeping it off.