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How Often Should You Detox?
Benefits of Regular Detoxing

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How Often Should You Detox for Maintaining Eliminatory Health?


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Detoxing regularly provides greater benefits than just doing a detox cleanse when you feel constipated. While cleansing can definitely help with constipation, keeping your body systems clear with maintenance cleansing has far greater cumulative health benefits over time. Treating immediate discomfort and symptoms is a lot different than helping your body consistently in such a way that it can rejuvenate and restore all body systems. Regular detoxing helps your body stay clear of waste, congestion, parasites and mucus so that it may rebuild itself as nature intended, bounce back from stress and periodic dietary abuse faster, and maintain wellness in all systems.

Maybe you already believe you could benefit from regular detoxing but don't know exactly what that means? How often and what kinds of detox? My own diet and stress level are the two main factors I look at when considering how often to detox personally. When I am traveling or, for some other reason, eating poorly, I always feel I can benefit from a cleanse to get back on track.

Just as eating poorly leads to congestion and toxicity, so may excess stress or stress that I am not responding to in a positive way. When I'm under more stress than normal, I may use a detox cleanse as part of my stress-relieving process. When my mind is stressed, so is my body and stress hits the digestive and eliminatory organs hard. Our body systems need de-stressing too and cleansing is one way to destress eliminatory and digestive systems.

A detox diet with a focus on eliminating congestion-producing foods, followed by a good cleanse works wonders for me for restoring digestive and eliminatory balance during stress-related times.

What To Do Before You Detox:
You hear a lot about detox programs but part of getting a good detox involves changes to diet as well. A good detox diet regimen to follow before a cleanse is to eliminate meat, refined flour, refined sugar, dairy products and fried foods for at least a week. In addition, drink as much pure water as you can handle, in preparation for a detox cleanse. And finally, introduce more fiber SLOWLY as you wean yourself off the clogging foods mentioned above. Adding fiber to an already backed up system too fast, only ends up making you miserable and more congested and sets you up for a more uncomfortable detox experience. How Often To Detox:

As a rule of thumb, in an otherwise healthy individual, I'd suggest a colon cleanse or a detox as needed up to three times a year.

In addition, if stressed, traveling a lot or abusing my system with diet choices such as fast foods, white flour, sugar, alcohol, etc., I assess the need for a cleanse to restore balance afterwards.

In general, I do a cleanse when I know I've probably made choices that have resulted in internal congestion. I can tell ... you can too, can't you? Bloating, intestinal discomfort, general feeling of malaise and fatique? I also periodically cleanse for heavy metals whether I know I've been exposed or not. I do this because I still have a couple of amalgam fillings that may be leaking mercury into my system and also because there may be heavy metals in water or air that I'm not aware of taking in.

Detoxing Disclaimer: Regular detoxing info on this page is for people who are otherwise healthy and not under a doctor's care for any health condition. If you have any known health challenges, and particularly those health challenges that affect the eliminatory or digestive systems, please check with your chosen healthcare professional before undergoing a detox and in establishing regular detox schedule based on your particular health situation.