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Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid
Helpful to Detox Heavy Metals

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What is humic acid and fulvic acid and why may these play a role in detoxing?


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What are Humic and Fulvic Acids?
These potent substances are found in rich soil. Humic acid is naturally found in soil, peat and coal. Fulvic acid is also found in rich soil and is part of the same family as humic acid, the humus or humate family. The humates are what nature leaves behind after composting has occurred and they have strong health-giving properties.

I first learned about the heavy metal detox properies of humic acid and fulvic acid in January of 2016. I was researching and implementing a mercury detox for myself, due to my awareness that the amalgam fillings I've had for years had most likely leaked mercury into my tissues and/or organs and that existing health challenges as well as longstanding chronic conditions might improve with a mercury-specific detox.

What makes the humates valuable in a heavy metal cleanse is their chelating properties. They help to attract heavy metals from within the body and trap them for elimination.

Of course, this is not the only benefit attributed to these two natural elements. Humic and Fulvic acids boost oxygen flow, help the body firght off foreign invaders and help with GI health as well as joint health. In addition, there are studies to suggest these acids (and specifically humic acid) may help protect our body against viruses. If we are not properly digesting our foods and eliminating waste properly, optimal health eventually becomes impossible for the body to maintain. Thanks for taking this positive step toward better health and learning how to detox effectively.

About the time I started my mercury detox, I also received a bottle of a specific humic acid/fulvic acid extract. I got this gift in return for having referred a customer to Kare Possick from my Purple Rice Review.

There were no strings attached to the gift but I told Kare later that the acids she sent me were perfect timing because I wanted to add them to my mercury detox regimen. After I've had time to try the product for a while, I'm going to post my personal experience.

I do trust Kare when she tells me the lengths this company has gone to, to make sure their humic and fulvic acid extract is the best. If you have questions about either the role of these acids in detoxing heavy metals or the specific product I'm using, feel free to call Kare at 727 - 798 - 8764. Tell Kare Neva said hi. Bookmark this page if you are interested in my review of the specific humic and fulvic acid extract I'm using.

Kare makes herself available for any questions you may have as you use the product. She and her husband have experienced strong personal results from the product and can share those with you. Kare is very knowledgeable about how the purple rice works and why it helps the body to product more ATP energy. She can tell you the best way to take the product for best results and how it may be able to help your specific needs.

Disclaimer This product is sold through a multi-level marketing structure. Please note that I know nothing about this structure and am not reviewing any other product made by this company, nor am I endorsing the MLM business. None of the information on this page is intended to replace any needed medical evaluation, testing or treatment. If you suspect you may have heavy metal poisoning, get the proper tests to find out what metals are involved and their concentration in your body. If you have colon problems such as IBS, colitis, diverticulitis or Krohn's Disease, please consult with your doctor before undertaking a colon cleanse or detox.