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The Role of Colonics in Cleansing and
What You Should Know About Colonics

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Colonics - More and Different Than an Enema


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This is part three of a three part article on doing a detox safely. It will be helpful to read parts one and two before continuing. In part one we introduced information about how to detox without a healing crisis and covered some of the main aspects of cleansing safely and painlessly. In the second section, we talked about foods and supplements that aid detoxing easily and with less chance of a healing crisis during the cleansing process. In the conclusion here, we cover the role of colonics in detoxing and cover the difference between this type of internal cleanse procedure and the simple enema

Colonic vs. Enemas:
Many people, myself included, experience wonderful benefits from an internal cleansing procedure called colonics, which should not be confused with a simple enema. When first hearing about colonics, many assume it's just a fancy sort of enema. However, colonics are not the same process as enemas. Where the enema only removes fresh waste from the large intestine, the colonic is designed to flood the entire intestinal tract with pure water gradually, and keep the fluid in there long enough to start to moisten any hardened and impacted waste so that the colon can do it's job and fully eliminate.

I have had colonics several times in my life and find them to be incredibly beneficial if the person giving them is gentle, knowledgeable and aware. Unfortunately, I've also had experiences where the colonic was not a good experience. Talk to your colonic therapist and get a feel for how well they will observe you during the process. Doing colonics along with a colon-specific cleanse before doing a full body detox can reduce detox symptoms.

Expect to do a series of at least 10 colonics and many therapists suggest even more, to insure getting all the hardened waste soften for natural removal.

Colonics strengthen peristalic action in the colon so they are actually good for the intestinals, as opposed to laxatives which can weaken peristalic action over time.

I've met a woman recently who has created an amazing thing...it's a home colon cleansing system, not to be confused with an enema. This allows for a person to do their own true colonics in the privacy of their home. If you'd like to know more about how to cleanse your colon in the privacy of your own home, just email with address and I'll mail you info. This woman has a long history of working with colonics and detoxing. She used to offer retreats but doesn't do that any more but she's incredibly knowledgeable and can answer any questions you might have. askme at askahealer dot com

Dry Skin Brushing and Rebounding To Detox: Briskly brushing your skin with a dry brush, appropriately called dry skin brushing, helps stimulate blood flow and lymph system detoxing. One thing that causes the very common flu-like symptoms during detox is congested lymph flow. When the detoxing program is started, toxins are rapidly released but if your lymph system is sluggish, you end up feeling terrible while it tries to clear the toxins. Dry skin brushing (not wet, in the shower but must be dry) helps stimulate lymph flow and can help reduce those symptoms.

Rebounding for the lymph system: Using a rebounder (a mini-trampoline) is another excellent way to increase lymph flow but be careful to start low and work your way up to more time rebounding because it can work a little too well! Read more about the lymph system

Detoxification Disclaimer: The use of colonics as part of a detox plan is dependent on an otherwise healthy colon. You should fully discuss any colon health issues you have before taking a colonic, in particular diverticulitis is usually contraindicated. Neither rebounding or dry skin brushing is represented as a substitute for medical attention, should you suspect you have lymph drainage problems that could be the result of a more serious condition. Be wise with your health.