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Detoxing Heavy Metals and other Environmental Toxins


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This is part of an article on research suggesting there may be a link between diabetes and depleted uranium.

I always knew there was no such place as "away". You know, water contains everything from everywhere it has flowed. The air contains everything from everywhere it has blown. Some things degrade quickly in the environment while others may hang around forever. Whatever is happening "away" eventually makes it's way to you. Our water contains prescription drug residuals, chemotherapy residuals, pesticides, herbicides and other pollutants. Our air contains residual from fossil fuel emissions and methane from cattle and etc. So, what's the pollution solution? Stop Breathing?

If we are being affected by airborne fallout from Iraq and other war zones around the world (I personally believe we are though contamination may be as severe from other toxic elements in the bombs besides just depleted uranium, such as the nuclear radiation from the still leaking Fukushima plant as well as pollution from the Pipeline leaks and explosions), what can we do about it?

Detoxing Environmental Toxins
Uranium is a heavy metal so one great health maintenance tool we have available is heavy metal cleansing. The chemotoxic qualities of depleted uranium are far more of a concern than the radiation effects of exposure, so doing a heavy metal cleanse a couple of times a year just makes good sense to me, whether or not I'm living in a war zone. For those stationed in Iraq or in other war zones, it would seem vital to me that a heavy metals cleanse be a regular part of life.

I'm a firm believer in homeopathy and use homeopathic remedies quite often in my own life, to combat common health issues, allergies, etc. There is one homeopathic ingredient that is specific for detoxing depleted uranium, called Uranium Nitricum. Like all homeopathics, this is an incredibly dilute nitrate of uranium that gently helps the body release D.U. Homeopaths suggest uranium nitricum for those who have been exposed to D.U. as well as those with uranium poisoning. However, homeopathy is not suggested in place of medical care. Heavy metals poisoning is a very serious condition and you should see a doctor immediately if you feel you've been explosed to a heavy metal like uranium.

My personal recommendation for detoxing heavy metals is a clathration formula. Clathration, I believe, offers a safer and more efficient detox of heavy metals than simple chelation. Unfortunately, the most powerful clathration formula I knew about, PCA, has been banned by the FDA.

Having amalgam fillings can throw a wrench in commonly used chelation ingredients such as cilantro. For cilantro to be effective, it needs to be taken with a binder such as apple pectin and some detox experts say you can't detox at all until you get the amalgam fillings out of the body. , Although cilantro may be very effective at removing heavy metals from tissues and organs, it cannot prevent the loose heavy metals from redepositing in another joint or organ, including the brain, before it makes it's way way out of the body.

A clathration formula called PCA was my personal heavy metals cleans formula the best thing I have personally tried but, as I mentioned before, it is no longer available. I liked it a lot because I experienced less detox side effects with it, I felt it was more effective than other detox formulas I had tried and I saw results quicker than with other cleanses. In the absence of PCA, I'd suggest reading some of the info I've amassed on detoxing mercury amalgams because I've listed the most potent detox supplements I've found so far within that article series.

Health Disclaimer: Heavy metals poisoning may be life-threatening. If you have been explosed to depleted uranium as a result of being deployed in a war zone, please see your doctor immediately. Detox formulas are not suggested as replacement for any needed medical evaluation or treatment. Please consider a detox expert if you also have amalgam fillings because their presence changes the detox protocol that may be indicated.