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Detoxing Monosodium Glutamate
and Heavy Metals with Pectasol

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Can MSG be detoxed from the body?

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I've been sounding the alarm on excitotoxins like msg for decades. I well remember the first time I literally thought I would have to go to the hospital. I had eaten stirfry at Shoney's. I had intestinal cramping so bad I thought I was dying and then heart pressure and palpitations, probably from stress and fear. Someone suggested it might be msg and I said "what is that?"

After that point in time, I could always tell when I had ingested monosodium glutamate but had no idea how prevalent an ingredient it was. If it's processed or packaged, it probably contains this excitotoxin or other ingredients that are excitotoxins.

In the process of educating myself on the way excitotoxins impact our body, I came to see that it wasn't just a matter of giving those foods up. If someone has been eating foods full of msg or other excitotoxins, they may accumulate and cause lasting damage to DNA. So, once you have accumulated excitotoxins in your body, is it possible to detox them out?

Detoxing MSG: Thankfully, the answer is yes. MSG may be detoxed out of the body, either by way of specially forumlated supplements or via the sometimes slower route of making important dietary changes. First, become an avid label reader and know all the hidden names for msg. Second, add nutrients to your diet that may help the body release msg, such as red clover and Omega-3's. Taking a good multivitamin with plenty of Vitamin C, the B Vitamins and Vitamin E will give the body support for releasing toxins.

In addition, there are formulas that target monosodium glutamate, such as one I found online for detoxing both aspartame as well as msg. It is put out by a company called Deseret Biologicals and their website says they only sell to professional practitioners so it looks like you'd have to go to a doctor that sells them to their patients as part of their treatment, at least for the MSG detox formula.

Deseret Biologicals has a website and I used to have it linked on this page but the last time I visited, I got a message that my computer had been compromised so now I'm not sure if that has been addressed.

In searching online, I did find another supplement designed to help the body detox MSG. It is put out by a company called Professional Complementary Health Formulas and is called, simply enough, MSG DETOX. I'm providing a link to the amazon site for more info and easy ordering. I have not tried this as I cut out MSG years ago, before any such supplement was available to try. You can read about it and make your own choice.

More on food additives: What is Brominated Vegetable Oil? Is this additive safe at what are called "interim doses" and should the FDA be more stringent in regulating BVO? If you are a parent with young children who love citrus flavored drinks, you will want to read more about brominated vegetable oil.

Health Care Disclaimer: The variety and severity of symptoms people feel from what are called "msg sensitivities" is broad. Some may feel tingling or numbness while others, such as myself, experience terrible gastrointestinal distress. It's always important to rule out medical issues if you remove the sources of the msg and the condition persists, or if you feel your health is being compromised. See your doctor. If you think you may have msg sensitivities, a good test is to eat only fresh foods for a few days, or foods that clearly state "no msg" (which is not the same as "no msg added") and see if the symptoms abate. Mine sure did.