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How to make the right choice for your inner cleansing:


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Have you been wanting to do a detox but finding it difficult to determine which program to use? Join the club. It can be daunting to choose between the hundreds of detox programs available and determine which ones will work for you. I hope this detox information will help you learn to ferret out the best detox programs as you seek for the right detox for you.

Hair Analysis as a First Step:
Not everyone who wants to detox needs to have a hair analysis profile done. However, If you are exhibiting symptoms of heavy metals toxicity, vitamin deficiencies or internal parasites, it can also be very helpful to have hair analysis done because it can pinpoint the challenges and help zero in on the right cleanse to address them.

Hair analysis can help identify specific heavy metals you might be accumulating, so that you can locate a cleanse that will cover those metals. Hair analysis can also help identify important vitamin and mineral deficiencies that may be affecting your health. There are companies online that offer hair analysis kits you can do at home, send in to a lab and receive back a report on any heavy metals found in the tests.

Question on health care and healing: I have been reading a lot about detoxing but don't know which product to use. There are so many detox programs out there, how do I know which kind of detox I need?

Healing Facilitation Response: First, let's define what a detox program is, for the purposes of our discussion. I'm assuming you mean a program that will cleanse all systems of the body. This is what I call a total detox program or full system detox.

Often, when people ask me about detoxing, they usually are me to suggest a good colon cleanse. Cleansing the colon is definitely a vital part of a detoxification regimen. In fact, clearing out the colon first just makes good sense because dumping liver toxins, blood toxins, heavy metals, and other toxins into a congested colon just makes the detoxing process harder on the body than it has to be.

However, this type of formula or program is not the same as a total detox. Rather, it is part of a total detox. A colon cleanse formula is not designed to do the type of deep cleansing that might be required if a person has organ-specific congestion, parasites, a systemic condition or heavy metals. Detox programs always include a colon cleanse; total detox program address all systems of the body.

What makes a total detox program?
When beginning your search for the right detox program, a good question to ask is whether or not a detoxification program addresses all systems of the body, and whether the program is designed to address each system effectively. Most full-body cleanse systems try to put too much in three little pills. Colon cleansing is a detox all unto itself and is best done before other organ-specific detoxes, such as liver cleansing, heavy metal detox, lung cleansing, kidney cleanse, etc. or a blood purification cleanse.

The best colon cleanse programs I've personally used all seem to employ a two-part approach. The cleanse will include bulk forming fiber as well as herbs and other ingredients designed to move out waste. Please note that when taking any bulk forming fiber you must, simply MUST, increase water intake. Make it pure water, not tap, and drink it all through the day.

Drinking alkaline water can assist in elimination during a cleanse. Before a colon cleanse, to achieve optimal results, I recommend going off meats, white flour products, sugar and fried foods for at least a couple of days, drinking more pure water and eating more fresh fruits and veggies. Lightening your digestive and eliminatory load will not only help the cleanse go easier for you but will help the colon release faster and more effectively.

Systems Addressed by Total a Great Body Detox Program:
In addition to being sure you have a good colon cleanse product, a comprehensive detox program will address the following important areas of internal cleansing: Purifying the blood, detoxing the liver, cleansing the kidneys and bladder, detoxing heavy metals, stimulating lymph drainage and killing internal parasites and their eggs. Note that not all parasites can be killed by the same herbal combinations. The best natural remedies for parasitic infestation will address large, small and microscopic parasites. The best antiparasitic programs kill not only the parasites but the eggs they have already laid internally, to prevent reinfestation.

Blood Purification: This might be the most important factor. Think about it. Our level of elimination and all other functions of health depend on good, healthy blood. Cleansing the blood helps insure better elimination, better digestion, better circulation and just plain better health.

Liver Cleansing with natural remedies: The liver and spleen will be specifically addressed in a good detox program. If they are not, find one that does address them.

Killing Internal Parasites and Eggs: Parasitic infestation is one of the most insidious health drains a person can have. Chronic fatique, bad skin, restless sleep, poor digestion and poor elimination are all side effects of parasites.

How do we get internal parasites? You can pick up parasites from undercooked meat, vegetables that have not been thoroughly cleansed, impure water, walking barefoot outside or from pets in the home. A good detox program will definitely address parasites.

Lymph Detoxing: One part of detoxing the body that is often overlooked in detox programs is cleansing the lymph system. Be sure your detox program addresses this important factor.

Kidneys/Bladder Detox: We eliminate a great deal of toxicity thru our kidneys. The best detox programs address kidney cleansing, rejuvenation and toning.

Heavy Metals Detoxing: We can ingest heavy metals from automobile fumes, paints, salon chemicals, toxic chemicals in our homes and other sources in the environment besides the more common source of heavy metal poisoning that can occur from old mercury fillings in the teeth.

If you do have mercury fillings, please note that removing the fillings is a very delicate procedure and you should definitely find a dentist who specializes in removing mercury fillings. It's impossible to remove them without releasing some of the mercury into the system but a dentist trained in mercury filling removal will know how to minimize that situation. They will use what's called a dam and also will use suction to pull mercury vapors out as they drill.

Cleansing and Detoxing Health Disclaimer: The body detox information that you have just read is purely for educational purposes. It does not replace medical attention for health conditions involving the colon and bowel, such as IBS, diverticulitis or colitis. Any decision about detoxing that readers might make, based on the contents found in this or any educational health care information, is the right and responsibility of the reader. Please consult with your chosen healthcare professional on questions relating to detoxification and colon health and, if you have an existing bowel problem such as IBS, always check with your doctor before starting a colon cleanse.