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Are you psychic? Would you like to develop your psychic abilities?

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Have you ever considered utilizing hypnosis to help with developing your psychic abilities? I have used hypnosis and subliminals many times on my own path and, although I have not been led to use any hypnotic suggestions for increasing psychic connection, I would expect that this might be an enjoyable and creative way to enhance your innate psychic abilities and explore the path of the intuitive reader. If you've wanted to develop your abilities as a psychic or intuitive reader, there's now an easy way to put your subconscious mind to work for you through the power of hypnotic suggestions with this new program:

Introducing the "Develop your Psychic Abilities" Hypnosis CD
Special 4-cd hypnosis set for developing your psychic abilites. Designed to stimulate the mind, increase your ablity to visualize and tap into intuitive realms.

Key Benefits:
* Clears your energy gridlines for better reception of your innate spiritual gifts
* Enhances your ability to tap into and maintain connection with Universal Life Source energy
* Helps you tune into specific messages amidst the typical chatter in the field
*Assists you in maintaining a focused, natural state of telepathic readiness.

Get the Develop Your Psychic Abilities Hypnosis CD

More Information:
This four part hypnosis program is designed to help you increase your instinctive and intuitive sensing. You are probably on this page because you've noticed some intuitive sensing in yourself, or because you'd like to develop psychic sensing for yourself and others. I believe there is an innate psychic ability in everyone and that some of us choose to awaken it, some are born with the gifts already enlivened, and some choose not to awaken or sharpen their skills. If you are here, it's because you've chosen to embrace your psychic capacity.

Develop Psychic Powers is a 4-part hypnosis course designed to help you get in touch with psychic potential and your own sixth sense. Regular use may help you realize that you can trust your gut and the psychic impressions you receive. The recordings work automatically as you relax and listen. You learn to prepare your mind for a more aware psychic state. The hypnotic suggestions work to help release old beliefs and encourage new ways of thinking. If you are unsure how to cleanse and open your energy centers, or chakras, this course can help you there too. If you already know how to do this, the suggestions will reinforce that ability and also, perhaps, give you new ways of opening and clearing that may be valuable to you.

One of the most common challenges for a new psychic reader is weeding out the irrelevant from the relevant information that you may pick up on in a reading. The Develop Psychic Powers course covers how to tune in to a single message and increase your concentration and focus while reading. Each of the four hypnotic sessions builds on the last so that you can chart the advance and improvement in your psychic sensing as you proceed through the course.

Spiritual Health Disclaimer:
I have not personally used this program. Please click over to the website and read about the entire program, email the folks there with any questions before purchasing. They offer a 100% money-back guarantee, by the way.