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Beginning Dream Interpretation

Night before last, I was having a weird, tedious dream about doing laundry in a laundry room that was falling apart. I had just picked up some laundry that had been weirdly held together by cardboard and was trying to remove the cardboard before I put in the washer.

The only way I can describe what happened next was that it was like a channel switching on the radio or a newscast interrupting regular broadcasting. I suddenly felt the energy of the room change and heard excited voices. One said "Who should we tap?" and it made me think of a football coach, deciding who to send in for the next play.

Just after that, I heard an enthusiastic female voice say "Neva!" The voice was familiar. I believe it was someone I actually know, though I can't place the voice at the moment. The female called out my name so loudly that I immediately woke.

Lying there, getting my bearings, I somehow intuited that I had been "tapped in" to some prayer scenario. I didn't know who the prayer was for or why someone tapped me in on it but I just started praying for everyone I knew and then sent up a general prayer. Comfort. Ease of pain. Safety. I just said the words as they came to me without judgment or analysis and the n went back to sleep.

My take on the dream so far: The beginning of the dream was definitely what I call an ego clean up dream. Because I was interrupted mid-dream, I forgot to ask what ego aspects the falling down laundry room represented. As I look back on it now, I believe it was residue from a determined focus to clean up and finish up old business during the mercury retrograde that had just ended.

The cardboard stuck in with the clothes could have to do with my recent decision to create my own space via a tiny house and a bit of land. The cardboard could represent the transient nature of my lodging for the past decade and how I've been attempting to wash out the homeless vibe from my life. The falling down laundry room might have to do with also learning to stop trying so hard to change things. Let the old ways crumble and fall.

As the dream was was interrupted by a spiritual prayer request, I was reminded that there are bigger things to consider than whatever tedious ego stuff I was working on that night and not to lose sight of the big picture of life with my tedious personal work. Overall, it feels like the dream was about letting go of the struggle, releasing fears and also maintaining a balance that keeps in awareness the collective consciousness, honors the connectedness of all our lives, and remembers the Sacred nature of Life itself.

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