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Interpreting Educational and Fun Dreamtime Messages


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This is part of my series on interpreting dreams. In my own experience, all dreams are not created equal. I've experienced at least 5 different levels of dreamtime activity, each with it's own distinct energetic feel and type of benefit for my life. A medicine dream will be quite different for me than what I call ego clean up dreams. Though both are important, I usually find medicine dreams awesome and exciting where ego clean up dreams just feel tedious to me most of the time.

Right now, let's talk about those dreams that are just plain fun. You know, where you are just doing something silly or something silly is happening and there's just a fun vibe to it. And then, we'll chat about dreams involving school or training.

The Purpose of Fun and Education Dreams
The times when I have fun dreams tend to be times when I seemed to have reached some sort of plateau in my life where everything is working fairly well or when I've resolved an issue that had creative energies stifled. Then, my mind can just play at night.

In my experience, these types of fun dreams signal times of high creativity and inspiration so it's good to brainstorm, journal, try new things, etc. when fun dreams are happening. Also good to take the dream into my meditation time, with the intent of applying the energetic feel of it to stimulating creative ideas.

These fun dreams, for me, are absent of stressful emotion altogether and full of vivid emotions, vivid colors, the perfection of some situation or just some kind of perfectly playful scenario. I believe these are dreams of creation, times when my soul has some room to breathe, and just be and I'd like to have more of those.

The Purpose of School and Training Dreams
The other side of the fantasy, fun, playful dream is the education dream. Typically, though not always, dreams involving training of some kind will be more serious and not as playful. It will be obvious that I'm to focus and concentrate on what's going on. Educational dreams can be light, ego clean up dreams, in that I may be teaching myself how to deal with some issue in my life in the dream, using the dream time at an ego level for practical purposes.

However, there is another level of training dream which is so totally awesome. In those dreams, I might meet with famous teachers or people and receive specific, important spiritual training of some kind. One example that comes to mind was that I found myself in a classroom with Joseph Smith (of the Mormons) one night and he taught me something significant having to do with my voice.

In that dream, another person known to me in real life was also attending the class. I mentioned seeing him there the next time we crossed paths. He did not remember the dream class but the message Joseph Smith had given me was significant to him, nonetheless.

Fun and education converge when I have a fun dream that also stimulates some new inspiration for me in my waking life. For example, I might have a dream about writing a play and then actually start to write one, based on the dream. Or, I might have a fun dream involving wild and strange imagery that stimulates me to start painting, using the colors or themes of the dream as a starting point for the art.