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Have Healing Gifts, Will Travel - Being Called Into Dreamtime for Healing Facilitation


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This is part of my series on the meaning of dreams when interpreting your dreams from a spiritual perspective and utilizing them as a self-discovery tool. In this series, I am sharing my own approach to finding meaning in dreams, meaning of a spiritual nature.

What I am sharing here about dreams kinda goes against those dreamtime teachings that say every character in the dream represents an aspect of yourself. Although I totally agree that this is often the case, if you are a spiritually awake being, it may not always be the case that each character represents an aspect of yourself.

In some cases, astral travel and working with others in the dreamtime is happening. Learning to know the difference between a dream that is all about yourself and one in which you are serving as a healing facilitator is helpful when learning to work with your dreams..

Healing Facilitation Dreams
I've mentioned before that I've been a energetic healing facilitator for many years. I am sometimes called into dreamtime to work as a healer. In those cases, although there may also be a message for me in the dreams, the bulk of the dream is not about me.

I believe these are real-time events (in as much as time itself is real....I mean, happening at the same time my body is lying in the bed in a sleep state). During the time I'm having a healing "dream", I believe I am astrally in the location with the other person and the work is actually going on. I've had too many confirmations over the years to doubt this now.

Healing Facilitation in dreams may be a new concept to you. If you are a healing facilitator or energetically aware counselor, though, you may well be astrally helping others during dreamtime. program for developing ability to astral travel

You might be wondering how to tell the difference between a dream that's about you and a dream that's about someone else, with you facilitating. That's a good question.

If the dream triggers some aspect of my own life, I assume it was either about me or that myself and the other person agreed to work together on similar issues astrally.

If there is no charge in me at all, no emotional reaction either in the dream itself or on waking afterwards, about the issues represented in the dream, I assume my role was as healing facilitator. Another way I can tell is that, very often, I'll get a call or email from the person in the dream the next day or the day after.

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You don't have to be a healing facilitator, by the way, to have a healing facilitation dream. They can occur anytime you genuinely ask the universe, either consciously or unconsciously, what you can do to help someone you care about. The dream may then occur spontaneously.

Such a healing facilitation dream, of course, is different than an ego-based dream that would be all about your fears, emotions or unexpressed judgments, resentments, worry, etc. in the situation.

If the dream is ego-based, it will have a very different flavor in that you will be emotionally involved in some challenging or negative way. If I have a dream like that, where I can see that it may be reflecting unspoken or hidden feelings about the other person in the dream, I pretty much assume it is ego clean up work for me.