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Do You Have Prophetic Dreams?
The Gift of Dreaming the Future

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Spiritual Dream Interpretation

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Dreams Foretelling Future Events


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We now interrupt this dream...

This is part of my series on the spiritual interpretation of dreams. In this spiritual development series, I am sharing the ways I learn from my dreamtime in ways that positively enhance my spiritual walk. This section is about dreaming the future, or prophetic dreams.

Prophetic / Premonitory Dreams: Dreaming the future involves dreams that feature some event that comes to pass, or is coming to pass. Often, prophetic dreams are warnings, designed to alert or signal the need for attention in some area of our lives. Occasionally, we may have a prophetic dream about someone else, usually someone very close to us, who is in danger or needs a wake-up call for some reason.

Most of my prophetic dreams have been about my own health. Several times, I've been clearly shown in a dream of a health condition that needed attention. It could be argued that these were not prophetic at all but simply my unconscious mind informing my conscious mind of an underlying health issue, which could be true. Still, they brought something to my conscious attention that was not yet to the point to be consciously known so, for me, they were premonitions of a sort.

Occasionally, I've had prophetic dreams about others. I typically have prophetic dreams about others during times when I'm very busy as a healing facilitator. Back when I had a full-time practice and was seeing or counseling with someone almost every day or two, I had a lot more prophetic dreams than I do now.

I've dreamed of people a day before I meet them for the first time, for example, but those are typically more healing dreams because I've ended up working with those people as a healer.

In my own case, true prophetic dreams are rare. There is a sense of true urgency that emerges from the dream and into waking consciousness and this is one signal I look for, to differentiate between a healing dream or medicine dream that has future potentials within it and a true prophetic dream.

One purpose of prophetic dreams is to allow an opportunity for changing the projected outcome, if it is an outcome one does not consciously want. Other times, the dream may be signalling right action that would help a relationship. These are usually conversation dreams, where I find myself just talking with someone about something. I strive to always ask what area of my life a dream may be addressing, as soon as I wake up and remember it.

There have been times when the dream conversation was one that needed to take place and, after the dream introduction to the potential, I went on to actually have the conversation. Other times, the dream itself seemed to have been the conversation, on astral levels, and no other action felt needed.

The most important thing I could say about interpreting prophetic and premonitory dreams is to remember that the dreamstate presents a future "potential". The purpose is not to throw one's hands up because a future event seems inevitable, just because one saw it in a dream. Instead, focus on right action and determining what you can do to shift any negative potential now.

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