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We now interrupt this dream...

About the Dream: This was one of the most remarkable dreamtime sessions I have ever conducted. After this, I could no longer doubt that we can travel in dreamtime, and meet people before we meet them in the body. We can, as healing facilitators, work with people in a healing way in the dreamtime, as a way of preparing before meeting them in person. It's been a number of years since this dream so I may get fuzzy on details but the gist of it is accurate. I was sleeping away from home, the night before a spiritual event in Oldenburg, Indiana. Myself and a friend were going to the event to do healing work in the wellness room.

I dreamed I saw a man standing in a hole that reached about to his waist. It was just a perfectly round hole in the middle of the ground and he was looking at me as if he didn't know how to get out of the hole. As I recall it now, I had the intention of helping him ouf of the hole. As I walked toward him, looking at his face which I saw very clearly, he kept shapeshifting into a deer.

As I got close, he suddenly became hostile and took a stance like a martial artist would take. He was very agressively angry. He seemed to growl at me, ferocious in fear. I don't recall actually speaking in the dream but sent a mental message that I was trying to help. The man kept turning from deer to man to deer to man.

The Dream Unfolds: On waking after the dream, I could not find a personal message for myself in it so I assumed I must have astrally traveled to help this person. I did not expect what happened the next day. My friend and I were setting up our booth. I had went out to the car to get something and as I walked back across the entry room, into the main room where people were milling about, there stood the man I had seen in my dream the night before. Standing with him was his girlfriend. Without a thought as to what his girlfriend might think, or even him for that matter, I walked directly to him and told him "You were in my dreams last night".

I told this surprised stranger the dream, standing right there in that moment. He began to blink back tears. He explained that he was a martial arts teacher and had always relied on strength and power but lately, he had been having emotions he didn't understand. I shared with him a little about Deer Medicine, how Deer teaches us strength in gentle ways, which seems like a paradox but is very powerful.

The work that he and I began in the dreamtime, was completed over the span of the next few months, resulting in this man becoming a gifted healer. In addition to being a dream that sent me into the future to work with someone I had never met, 24 hours in advance of actually meeting them and working with them in the flesh, this was a medicine dream in another way because it involved totem animals.

I have had animals in my dreams on many, many occasions and recognize the special contribution their teachings can bring to a dreamtime message. If you are unfamiliar with Totem Animals or Power Animals, I suggest reading Animal Speak or Animal Wise by by Ted Andrews as good resource for beginning to learn how the animal kingdom can assist us spiritually.