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What if you Dream About Flooding?
Spiritual Dream Interpretation Notes

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Spiritual Significance of Flooding Waters in Dreams


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Beginning Dream Interpretation

We now interrupt this dream...

In the dream, I am in a condo at the beach. It's a lovely day but then I notice that the water is slowing coming up the side of the big glass windows all along the front, facing the ocean. It is rather a gentle rising but fast. The water seems to be bubbling up the side of the condo and I suddenly realize it's going to flood, it's going to come completely over the condo. I yell to those who are with me that we're getting flooded.

I watch as the water goes all the way up and over the condo and I see the water washing out on the other side.

I run out into the parking lot after the wave subsides, and run across the street to ask a property owner there if the water came all the way across the street. He said that it did. He had a home and a rental property. As we looked back toward the ocean, we saw the waves building again and he said we'd better get inside. I started to run to the house, which was a little closer, but he yelled for me to go to the rental property and close the door. When I got there, I saw the back door wide open and a heavy couch sitting half way in and half way out. I shoved the couch out of the way and closed the door just before the wave flooded over the house.

I had the idea that I'd run back across the street and tell everyone to grab what they could and get in the car. I was going to do this when the waves went out again, with the intent of getting as far from the beach as possible.

My take on the dream so far: Dreaming of water and particular of being flooded, in a hurricane or under water is always, for me, a sign of emotional overwhelm. It really isn't hard to see the general message of this dream. A friend of mine saw it immediately though some of her other quick conclusions about the message did not completely resonate with me. I have been in a longterm petsit for over two years and now, the woman who owns the home is selling it and I may soon be without a place to be. I do not currently have money to move and there are, as yet, no new housesits or petsits on the horizon. It is a very stressful situation for me and I don't think I have allowed myself to see how much emotional upheaval this change is causing, hence the dream message.

I pay particular attention to details in my dreams because this is where the message appears for me. The first detail I recall is how calm the flooding was. It slowly crept up the side of the windows in plain view. In other words, I saw it coming. Also, it did not ever come inside the condo, despite flooding entirely over it. I take this as a positive message that I am allowing for this drastic change to come in the most gentle way possible. It could have been a wave that smashed the windows and drowned everyone. Instead it was a gentle rise that, while terrifying to watch and consider, eventually washed over the entire building without any water getting inside.

Of course, another potential message is that I am steeling myself against feeling any of this emotional turmoil even though I see it coming. When there are two sorts of messages possible, I tend to look to how I feel in the dream and what understanding of the dream situation I have within the dream itself. As I recall this dream, I was fully aware of what was happening and did not seem to be thinking in terms of blocking the water/emotions as much as not being drowned by them.

I also pay close attention to who is with me in a dream. I won't name the people here for their privacy but it was significant who showed up. When people I know show up in a dream, I always look at those relationships as well as the other details of the dream. They are not there by accident and are showing me something about the nature of the emotional overwhelm currently being experienced. In noticing who is with me, I realize that they are both also in a situation of emotional overwhelm. Their presence intensifies my own emotions and also adds support for what is going on with me, because I realize I'm not the only one. It takes me out of myself a bit and helps me have empathy for the other.

Going across the street to the man represents calling in my masculine but also shows that my yang aspects are out of balance. Instead of directing me to the house, which was closer and safer with the impending second wave of flooding, the man tells me to go further to the rental house and get furniture out of the way so the door can be closed.

This could have a very practical message for me as I've had concerns about leaving the woman I'm petsitting for as she has to downsize and move all the things in her house. I know it will be a stressful time for her and I've been conflicted about leaving before this happens. There's a part of me that wants to pay back her kindness in letting me stay here even when she didn't need me for petsitting.

This part of the dream could also could be telling me that the safest, closest option versus the one where I'm taking care of other people's things (moving the couch out of the door in the man's rental property - helping my host move in a literal sense) may not be chosen if I'm too invested in what other people need. In other words, as things are right now, I might be walking (or rushing) right past a safe, close option because of my sense of obligation.

Another thing I look at in most dreams in the location. I love the beach. It's one of my favorite places to be. The fact that I intend to go "as far away from the beach as possible" based on what is happening in the dream, is highly significant. To be making the choice to go as far away from something I love as possible, says to me that I'm feeling as if I can't have what I want or that it feels dangerous to stay in that space that contains what I want.

It's a message of fear over loss, a sense that I can't have what I want or I'll be in danger. While I feel it's positive that the dream ended with some sort of plan, I can easily see that the plan includes this idea that I'm about to lose something I love. My situation directly reflects that potential as I'm about to be moving ... somewhere ... and I don't know where or how the money for the move is going to come.

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