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Having Dreams About Frogs and Food
Dreaming of a Face Like an Avocado

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Dreams about Frogs / Dreams Where The Face is Distorted


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Dreams about being a Frog; The Avocado Face Dream I am having to actually rewrite my own original content because someone with a blog just took this dream interpretation and posted it as their own. If you visit eldon's blog and see the frog dream, it isn't his. Very odd to me that someone will do this.

To me, a frog has very, very specific connotations since Frog is one of my strongest totems as a healer. For those who don't know about totem animals or animal medicine, I'd suggest the writings of Ted Andrews as a good beginning point to start learning about what certain animals, birds, insects or other non-human teachers might mean in your own dreams. Discover Your Spirit Animal, Animal Speak, and Animal Wise are three of the books written by Ted Andrews that deal with the lessons we can retrieve from our connections to the animal kingdom. I use Animal Speak the most but call on the Animal Wise for any totem I can't find in Speak.

These are very basic totem references and I encourage you not to just take the typical meaning but really search to see what the totem or power animal that may have appeared in your own life means to you specfically.

About The Dream: This dream was very brief and followed other dreams in the same night but the others got away from me. What I remember is being aware of myself as a frog.

I had some kind of growth in my left ear, perhaps a wart. I took finger nail clippers and snipped away at the growth. Suddenly, I realized that I had cut away everything except the hole that led to my ear passage. And the skin around that area, as well as the left side of my face looked exactly like a peeled avocado. In the dream, it seemed my face "was" avocado in that area. I was startled at first, and feared I might rub my face off in my sleep (very close to lucid dreaming here, because I was aware of myself being asleep somehow) but then something calmed me about that and I was glad I could still see the hole where the ear was, cause that meant I could still hear.

Side note: This reminds me of a line from one of my all-time favorite comedies, "Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou". You remember? They are sitting in the movie theater and Delmar whispers to Pete .... "We thought you was a toad!".

My take on the dream so far: Of course, the first significant symbology is the Frog. In my own healing work, Frog comes as a strong totem in helping people release emotional pain, even very deep, very old emotional pain surrounding abuse or other trauma.

The second significant symbology is the growth in the ear. Ears, of course, are about hearing. Taking in all the sounds around us at any given time, and making sense of them. The other two factors I consider significant are the cutting away of the growth with finger nail clippers and the avocado.

As is often the case on this site, I have to decide how much of myself to share here. Sometimes, it is almost impossible to say how a dream impacts me without saying what it is about in my life. There are personal aspects to many of the dreams so I have to weigh my own sense of privacy with my sense of service in providing information that might be helpful to someone else.

I am willing to share that I was abused as child and a lot of the healing work I do with others has been about releasing cellular memories of childhood abuse. In 2001, I personally went through a time of turmoil, following a drastic breakdown of everything that had been constant before that time. So, having said that, I can recognize that Frog came at this time because there is something surfacing of an emotional nature, and probably associated with childhood belief systems and patterns of behavior, that needs healing.

The ear is significant for pretty obvious reasons. At the time of this dream, and it's rather an old one, I had been working with a program called Centerpointe , designed to help awaken more self awareness and raise a the threshhold of what a person can handle. Since I had started listening to the cd's, about two weeks prior to the dream, I had noticed sore areas in both ears, but predominantly in the left ear and there was actually a bump inside that ear that bothered me. The cds were definitely changing my internal coping mechanisms and stirring up a lot of areas of resistance to letting go and I think the ears were manifesting that resistance perfectly by getting sore and getting bumps.

Beyond the physical association with my ears and what's going on with them, I also see a spiritual significance to it being a growth that impeded sound waves in the dream. It was big enough that it would have distorted what I heard, and particularly on the left side. The left side of the brain is, of course, the analytical, male side. In the dream, I believe I was working to clear the resistance to hearing that had caused turbulence since starting the centerpointe cds.

The avocado is very interesting as well. I love avocados. When I ask about the dream, I remember a time when I did not. I was young and had never tried one. Myself and my cousin wanted one but my uncle would only buy it if we promised to eat the whole thing. I remember choking down that avocado and thinking it was the worst thing ever. But I love them now.

So.....ending up so vulnerable (remember, I was concerned I would rub my soft, avocado face off while sleeping) has a special significance. I was peeling away something .... the way I "face" the world was being changed. And it felt bad at first, just like my first avocado.

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