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When you dream about quilts

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About The Dream: I dreamed of a quilt made of at least three distinct sections. Some woman with a common name (Evans or Blevins) is telling me about the family name history in the quilt. I am sitting in the middle section of the quilt, doing ceremony but rise to talk with the woman and look at the quilt.

In the second section, which this woman called "the dreamkeeper" and which I had not seen while sitting in the middle, shows a night sky full of stars and other symbols. I remembered having seen the same dream in a vision...I believe I was lucid dreaming at this point because I remembered a real life waking moment when I had seen this daydream vision.

I tell the woman this. She asks if I would like to be added to their quilt and I point to the middle section and say that we (my family line) have already been added. She seems surprised. I tell her that part is my brother's. She shows me the third section of the quilt but I can't remember what she said about it.

This woman had a different name for her family....something like Tress-kit-a-tites or something like that. There was a little boy with her, talking too. He reminded me of my ex-husband as a child.

My take on the dream so far: This is actually a very old dream, from journaling. I had it way back, at least 10 years ago. I'm recording it now because I just found it again and it seems significant to my life again. I did not journal my original feelings about this dream but, on surface, I think I found it again because my brother is struggling at soul levels right now and it may be important for me to hold energy for him, and to remember that his name is already written in the night sky.

This highlights one of the many benefits of dream journaling. Sometimes, a dream is not meant for now. Sometimes it's for future use. Other times, a dream may have many levels of meaning and it's only after working through the gift of one level (which may take years) that deeper levels become available. And sometimes, it's a simple as that ... a prayer for your brother at an important time.

In the case of this particular dream, though, I have a feeling there is some association with that name Tress-kit-a-tites ... some ancestry that came in to help, or some ancestry that I may still need to connect with at some point in the future. I have tried every variation of spelling on the phonetics of what I remember the name being but have come up with nothing so far. I know this word has significance though and maybe, one day, I'll be sitting somewhere and someone will say it or I'll see it on a poster or in a book and the dream will come full circle.

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