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Having Dreams About Sex
Significance of Sexual Dreams

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Intrepreting Dreams Involving Sex


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SEXUAL DREAMS: Careful what you ask for....well, I definitely had a strong medicine dreamtime experience last night. Whew. Since this dreamtime analysis involves sexual components, I wanted to preface this dream interpretation by saying that, in my own experience and journey with dreamtime work, dreams about sex are usually not really about sex. Of course, sometimes they do address sexual issues but more often, I see them addressing aspect of my life or personality that I resist integrating, taking into who I am, embracing fully.

About The Dream: I'm in a psychic bookstore of some type. I get a reading that is entirely forgettable and then find myself standing between a slender-faced woman in a silky purple top (significant, the color, to me) and a man. Both remind me of people I've watched on tv but I'm aware, even in the dream, that it is not them but the "likeness of them" (this is also a significant distinction).

Before I talk about these two people who are real, I want to say that my impressions are a product of my own filters and judgement. These people may or may not have any of the personality traits I associate with them and I totally own that I could be wrong, all the way around.

The woman is the likeness of a woman who is on one of the soap operas. Considered attractive by many I'm sure but not my "type" so to speak. In other words, I don't find her beautiful. Her features are too sharp and the face too void of character. Perhaps the absence of anything genuine I can latch onto when I see her, either on the soap opera or in any of her other public appearances, I feel empty when I look at her or try to connect with her. It's as if her face is a painting, created to hide her completely behind it.

The man is the likeness of one of the men on a popular reality tv show. He has shiny black hair, a tan and teeth that are too white to be natural. My feeling about him is that of someone not completely genuine or comfortable with being completely authentic and also of someone who uses cosmetics to enhance their appearance to a degree that I can tell .... in other words, not my type either

Also, about that show in general, I've felt manipulated watching it at times. Though I feel the host has his heart in the right place and is a lightworker, actually, I often feel the sympathy and empathy of the group in general, is a little torqued up for the camera. Again, not genuine. I'm sensing a theme to this dream. Of course, I could be totally wrong about that but it is significant to note, re my dreamtime and my choice of who was in it.

The woman starts to kiss me and I suddenly realize that they are here to offer me themselves, sexually. She tries twice but I back away. Then, I find myself sitting in the lap of the man, sitting in a rocking chair, rocking. His hand cups my breast but he does not do anything else sexual. The feeling is slightly sexual but more relaxing and I drift into sleep. When I awaken, I express my surprise that I slept. The man has a calculator and is showing me the charges for his services. $97 but he's discounted it to $87 and change. I get angry and say that is ridiculous, that he didn't even do anything.

Then I am somewhere else, above the bookstore. Not sure how I got there or why but I suddenly realize I've left my purse. I rush back down and find my purse at the entrance on the floor but all my credit cards are gone. I notice that the bookstore, well lit and sunny before, had turned into a bar, with people sitting on barstools, talking. Seems to be a nice bar, not a wild one but dark. I locate my credit cards on the counter and realize the man who owns the store has charged my card. I ask for the total charged and tell the owner adamantly that I would "never, ever do that again, not ever" and he tells me it is $240, $60 of which is tax.

That's the end of the dream. This page has gotten far too long so I've moved the dream interpretation to a second page. To read my take on the dream so far, please visit dream interpretation involving sexuality