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Having Dreams About Having Sex
Sexuality as Dreamtime Medicine

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The Meaning of Sexuality in Dreamtime - What does it mean if you have dreams about having sex?


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Please note: Please note that this is the interpretation of a medicine dream that begins on another page. I divided it into two parts due to length. To understand what it is the dream suggests, please first read dreams about having sex.

MY TAKE ON THE DREAM SO FAR: The first detail of the dream to catch my consciousness was the purple top the woman wore. That and the yin/yang aspect of being between the man and the woman, neither of whom were my type. This is significant in so many ways, regarding my life at this moment. I am healing from a decision to leave a 7 year spiritual marriage. For at least a year after that parting, I did not function beyond the minimum. I stopped all my healing work, except with my family on occasion, I certainly had no desire to date whatsoever, and I spent a great deal of that year completely alone. Slowly, I began to emerge from the despair I had sunk into and have steadily grown back toward living again but still, with no desire at all for a relationship and with no return to my former spiritual practices of ceremony and healing work.

The purple of the woman's silky top drew me in the dream. Purple almost always signifies a third eye opening for me. The fact that she was not attractive to me and that I backed away from her says to me that there are certain aspects about this third eye expansion that I am resisting. Sitting on the man's lap and rocking ... it was the known, it was soothing, I chose to go back to sleep and not allow the third eye expansion it was time for me to embrace. Yet it came at a cost to me that was unexpected and which took me out of the sunlit room into a bar frequency. A nice bar but a bar nonetheless.

If anyone is wondering if there are undertones of a struggle over sexual preference, I can address that too. Several times in my life, due to the pain that has been the result of relationships with males, I have almost longed for the desire to be with a woman instead. My closest relationships have been with women, not men. However, that has more to do with childhood abuse and less to do with sexual preference. I'm pretty clear on that. There are certainly women in my life that I love deeply and with whom I can be intimate non-sexually in a deeper way than I can bear my soul to any man so I have often wished I could make that a complete choice. However, so far at least and never saying never, I prefer men. I just don't completely trust them.

The sexuality aspect of the dream addresses my fear of men but my greater fear of being a fully aware, awakened spiritually strong woman. As a direct sexual message, it would say to me that I am not yet ready to approach relationships again in that context so instead, I sleep sexually. This is true. I am not in relationship and I don't think I ever will be again, unless I can be in one as a fully empowered, spiritually aware woman. So, for me and regardless of what a dream expert might say about the above dream, I see it as a medicine dream of a spiritual nature and not one reflecting sexual identity struggles. The main reason I feel this way is the purple and the way I felt looking at it plus the feel of being between the yin and yang, rather than being between a woman and a man.

Of course, a book could be written on most dreams and this one is no exception. There are other significant factors that could be expounded on ..... the numbers are all significant, for example, and I'll spend time working thru what those mean for me.

Also, the money issue and my adamant choice never to "do that" again. Lots of meat on this bone but I just shared what I felt were the most significant messages for me right now.

An additional aspect which didn't sink into consciousness fully until I was revising this dream to add it here on the site was the theme of not being genuine. Both the male and female aspects of myself that I connected with, or tried to, were not represented by people I consider completely genuine. That's highly significant and points to my fear of completely trusting and opening myself, being genuine with people and with myself. I can now see that the third eye expansion hinted at by the woman's costuming of purple was something I resisted because it would mean I had to become more transparent and authentic in my life.