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Having Dreams About Wolves
Dreaming of Your Life Being in Danger

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Dream with Wolves - Dream Interpretation Example


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Bird Clan on Wolf Medicine

About The Dream: In the dream, I am standing outside between my car and an older looking house. My car is locked and the house is locked. I hear a sound and look toward the nearby woods where I see a large black wolf standing. He is growling at me, deep in his throat. I know instantly that the wolf is hungry and that it is assessing whether to attack.

I look on the porch of the house and see something, a rake or shovel, and think I might be able to break out the window of the house and get in before the wolf got there. Then, I realize there is a pack of wolves, and one looking like a wild dog. This one is white with black spots. I realize they plan to attack me and eat me. I wake up.

My take on the dream so far: I really didn't have a take on it til I asked a spiritually conscious friend to hold energy for me to look at it. Then, a gridline of clarity came in and I saw what the dream meant, for me. For the past year, I have basically lived from housesit to housesit and have most of what I own in my car. The fact that I don't have a home of my own and that I have been traveling from one place to another is significant because I can't get in the house and I can't get in the car. Both are locked and I don't have the keys, in the dream.

Although this dream could literally be an out-picturing of fear about being homeless or without direction as far as where to go next in that car that is locked, the presence of wolves changes that dream scenario for me. Wolf Medicine in my life always seems to be about teaching in some way, and / or leadership. Typically, dreams about wolves mean that I am to teach or lead in some way, which often brings up resistance in me. The fact that the wolves were hungry and intending to devour me points to a transformative shift I'm being asked to allow, to surrender into with as much grace as I can muster.

The large wolf being black is also significant in my dream interpretation landscape because dark or black things, animals or people in my dreams often represent something I am resisting or afraid of, or a shift that my ego self will feel very threatened to allow.

Like most dreams, this one has many layers and levels of meaning and I'm only at the first layer with this initial clarifying take on it. My own experiences with Wolf Medicine may be different than someone else's. There is some really good information on Wolf Medicine here for those who would like to learn more about the possible dream interpretation signals that dreams about wolves could be bringing to your life: