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Having Dreams About Celebrities
My Dream about Brad Pitt

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Intrepreting Dreams About Celebrities- What does it mean when famous people show up in your dreams?


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About the Dream: This was just a blip of a dream, a dream snippet I call them. All I recall about the dream is that I am looking at a capsule. It is in the hand of Brad Pitt. As Brad hands me this white capsule, he tells me that it is from stemcell research. I know a bit about stemcell research because of a product I was asked to look at as a wellness writer and researcher, which was based on the technology. I take the capsule from Brad Pitt and then I wake up from the dream momentarily. I wake myself after taking the capsule and I am saying out loud "Thank you, Brad. Thank you. Thank you." I repeat those words three times, with a great deal of genuine gratitude in my heart. Afterwards, I immediately fall back asleep.

The next dream snippet, a continuation of the first one, is with a woman who offers me a second capsule. This part is like a snapshot with me looking at the woman and her extending the capsule. I don't remember speaking to her or hearing her speak. This is the end of the second dream snippet.

MY TAKE ON THE DREAM SO FAR: When a celebrity or famous person appears in my dreams, my first task in exploring the meaning of the dream is to determine whether the celebrity is there as themselves or whether they seem to represent a specific character they have portrayed (for example, did Brad Pitt appear as Joe Black in the dream or as himself?) In this dream, Brad was himself, not a character I had seen him play.

The second question I ask myself, given that the celebrity appeared as himself and not as a character in a film, is what are my impressions about this person in waking life? If the celebrity appears as a character they have played, I ask the same question...I ask what emotional or mental impressions I had about the character when I watched the film. The first thing that comes to mind when I ask myself what I sense about Brad Pitt, is this statement: I feel Brad Pitt is a man of integrity. This is not what I expected myself to say because this dream was around the same time as Brad's split from Jennifer Anniston and the "scandal" with Angelina Jolie. It felt odd at first for me to say I sensed Brad Pitt as a man of integrity since one of my big personal challenges has been infidelity in intimate relationships. In any case, I guess I'm looking at this from some different perspectives, given my background.

As an actor, I have tremendously respected the fact that Brad has, for the most part, avoided those heart throb, empty sort of Hollywood movie roles. His choice of roles says something about his sense of himself as more than a pretty face and about his focus on manning the direction of his own career as an actor.

As a spiritual being, I am impressed with his dedication to service and helping those less fortunate. Coming from a broken home myself, where the father was severely damaged and emotionally absent, it could also be that Brad appeared because I believe he's the kind of father I would have wanted to have as a child. I would trust that father, if he offered me medicine. (Update, 2018: Much has been revealed about Brad as a father now, that was not known then. Somehow, through it all, I believe he's done the best he could. I still sense him as a man with integrity.)

As a woman, I can even understand why Angelina offered more than Jen (and please, I'm not talking about the bedroom here but her conviction to help others less fortunate and, in saying that I'm NOT saying Jennifer Anniston does not also care about others.... it just seems to be a passion in Angelina that drives her life.

For Brad Pitt to appear in the dream with this capsule for me feels like the father archetype or my male self in some sort of integrity and balance. I could trust taking that medicine, and I did take it. It doesn't matter to me so much if my perception of Brad Pitt was accurate. What matters is what he represented to me in the dream. He represented my male side, with medicine that was important.

When a dream wakes me up, I consider that significant. I believe, at least in my own dreamscape, that this is a mechanism I have in place to be sure I remember the dream. If I don't wake up, it's easy to let it drift away on waking later. The fact that I woke with such a deep feeling of gratitude is highly significant, as is the repetition of three. I associate the focused repetition of a phrase three times with ceremony. In fact, as a healer, I almost always repeated any powerful affirmation three times.

The second half of the dream, where the woman came with the second capsule, is less clear. I can't even say who the woman was....whether another celebrity, someone known to me, someone unknown to me, etc. I do believe I took the second capsule as well. Which brings me to the last dream I recorded, about choosing between deadly injections. Definitely a follow up to that dream in some way. Normally, I might wonder if this dream was also a message that my feminine side (as featured by the second part of the dream) might be out of balance. In this case, as I feel the energy of the dream, I don't sense that.

I sense rather that the male was what was needed, to balance, and the female was ok so no need for that half of the dream to be vivid, wake me up, etc. It could also mean it's not time for me to get that part of the dream or that it would be too much at one time to receive.

So, in the first dream I am offered two injections that will kill me and I refuse them, opting to find the doctor who diagnosed me as incurable and hear the whole truth from him. Then, comes this dream where I accept two capsules designed to help me heal, not kill me. It seems I'm still walking through transformation but I've decided to do it in a healthier, more harmonious way.