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Dreams about Redemption
Saving Face and Old Loves

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My Soulmate Loves Me - The Redemption Dream


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Dream Snippet:
I dreamed I was standing on some sort of elevated stand, with one of my best friends. As we stood there, my partner of seven years (no longer together) came up and said, very pointedly, "I do love you".

Then, my friend who was with me said "See, he does love you".

Odd thing about his face - it was distorted in some way that really caught my attention in the dream but I have trouble describing it now....His face seemed to come straight down from the top of the ears to the beginning of the chin and then angled in on each side but was square at bottom of chin. This feels significant.

I also came out of the dream with the word "redemption". I can't remember who said it or why but it came out of dreamtime with me so it has significance.

My take on the dream so far:
It seems the dream was presenting a simple truth, in some way that is supposed to make a difference to me now.

That relationship, the most important in my life, ended a few years ago. I've written about how devastating an ending that was for me often on this blog. So, he loves me. Why this message now, reinforced by someone I trust (the friend who was with me)?

Whenever a certain word stands out in a dream, I pay attention. I have to consider what redemption means to me. I guess it means being saved from something undesirable through grace, not because you deserve it or don't deserve it but just because of mercy and grace.

Was the message for me or him? I think, me, because he came to give it rather than me telling him the same thing in a different dream.

What does the face distortion remind me of.....it feels significant. Well, if I think of it, rather than reminding me of anything in particular, it feels as if he is ill. Is he withholding redemption from himself over what happened?

Am I still harboring some degree of blame and anger and unforgiveness that I haven't recognized yet?

Whatever it is, it's time for redemption. It's time to throw the healing waters of mercy and grace on a situation that cannot, ever, be changed. What happened, happened. It's over and the only way it can be made right is through grace.

Just had another thought about the face. It reminded me of "losing face". Again, this dream points to some level of shame or blame that needs redemption, within myself or within my old lover. I believe I can assist him in forgiving himself just by working with the dream and it's frequencies, if it is he who still holds blame in a damaging way, because when I shift awareness then the awareness of others has the opportunity to shift as well.

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