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Russell Crowe in my dream

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Dreaming about Celebrities - Russell Crowe Dream

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About the Dream:
This dream occurs at night and has the crisp, real feel of a medicine dream. I notice textures, light playing on furniture, etc. The dreamscape is evening. I find myself walking behind a celebrity. I do not remember which celebrity but just remember recognizing them as a known celebrity. I follow this person through double doors which are being held open for us. I enter into what is obviously a dimly lit but a gala event. As I follow behind the famous person, I am thinking that I will not be allowed into the event. However, I am allowed to pass through.

It is dimly lit inside the entire room but there is faint moonlight coming through windows. The feeling is truly mystical and I know, even in the dream, that I am somewhere special. Everyone in the room is dressed in deep, deep purple. The whole room glows a deep purple as well.

As I walk down the side of the room, I glance across to the other side of the room and am surprised to see the actor who played in Gladiator, Crowe, his name is I believe, sitting at some kind of table like a beauty pageant judge or panelist of some kind ps. This dream is from 2001. The Gladiator film is NOT my kind of film which is why I had scant awareness of who Russell Crowe was at the time of the dream. Now, of course, I am well aware of Russell Crowe. I was completely held captive by his incredible performance in A Beautiful Mind and felt he was the only reason to watch 3:10 to Yuma - wow, what a fully fleshed out and living, breathing character he created for that film. Wish the rest of it had lived up to Russell Crowe. But I digress ... back to the medicine dream

Russell Crowe is far away but his face suddenly looms clear to me across the expanse of the spacious room. I can see that he is looking directly at me and smirking with an inordinant amount of amusement, as only Russell Crowe can smirk. He whispers across the expanse of the room, and his voice reaches me crystal clear. Russell Crowe says to me "You're not supposed to be here". He is clearly tickled that I am there, where I am not supposed to be. This dream was quite significant and is a good example of how I work with my dreams.

ps. just in case you actually came here looking for celebrity information about Russell Crowe, there was actually a website that I linked to for a while, which had Russell Crowe celeb info. However, it looks like it is now a parked domain which is just being used for ads.

My take on the dream so far:
The dream, for me was highly significant, not only because of the predominant deep purple both in costuming the people wore but literally in the very shade shade of air in the room. I could see the air and it was deep purple. I associate this deep purple color with the third eye, or my intuitive sensing. My meeting with Russell Crowe came on the heels of several weeks of intense dizziness in the third eye area, which I knew to be associated with a third eye opening personally, and also with the energies which culminated in the events of Sept. 11.

Update in 2005
I didn't know it then but there was a tremendous change in store for me personally. Two days after Sept. 11, my personal world fell apart so looking back on it now, the dream has even more significance. For a long time, I didn't know if I would survive. I guess Russell was telling me I would come through it with my Spirit in tact.

Who shows up in my dream is significant and also how they show up. Russell Crowe showed up as himself, not an actor playing a role. Had he been the character he played in the Gladiator film, the dream may have meant something entirely different to me. For example, in another Medicine Dream, Hugh Jackman appeared as himself but playing his role as Valjean in Les Mis. That one was quite unusual because it's usually one or the other, the celebrity as themselves or as a specific role they played.

I always look at the people in my dreams with regard to how I feel about them personally, and I remember thinking of him that he had courage, tenacity and strength, to make it in Hollywood the way he has. Some might say he wasn't supposed to be there... For Russell Crowe to be there in my dream, smirking at me, was in a way telling me that I had developed some of that same grit in my spiritual development and it was beginning to pay off. It felt very much as if I had crossed to a new level of intuitive awareness and the experiences of the days after have affirmed that feeling.