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What if you Dream About Bathrooms?
Spiritual Dream Interpretation Notes

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Ask A Healer Spiritual Dream Interpretation

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Spiritual Significance of Dreams in Bathrooms


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Beginning Dream Interpretation

Learning to understand how your dreamtime imagery speaks to your life, by practice and observation, will show you the way to integrate dream snippets into your own dreamtime analysys process.

Dream Snippet: This was more like what I call a dream snippet than an actual dream. A lot of times, dream snippets cut to the chase on an issue. Other times, a dream snippet will be part of several other dreams and contain an important connecting factor between issues. In this snippet, I was cleaning a bathtub and thought the drain was open. It was closed so when I turned on the water to rinse the tub, it immediately overran and flooded onto the floor.

My take on the dream so far: One of the things I look at in most dreams in the location. I look for significance. A bathroom is where we go to cleanse and to eliminate so that's a big clue whenever the bathroom shows up in a dream.

Over the years, certain symbols have proven to be consistent in my own dreamtime messages and water is always, for me, a sign of emotions being dealt with in some way.

I pay particular attention to details in my dreams because this is where the message appears. So I noticed whether it was my bathroom or someone else's, how I felt about cleaning it and how I felt when it flooded.

At first, it seemed like someone else's bathroom. This is significant as a healer because I'm often called into another's dreamtime to help them with something in their lives.

At first, I thought it might have been what I call a healing dream. A healing dream, in my dream vocabulary, is a dream that isn't about me but about the person I've traveled astrally to support, as a healing facilitator or spiritual friend. However, as I went deeper into the memory of the dream, at some point it became apparent that it actually was my bathroom, which shifted this dream into medicine dream status. I use the term medicine dream to denote a dream where I am aware that spiritual issues are being dealt with actively by Universal Lifeforce for my good. They go beyond the simple dreams where my unconscious mind is trying to work thru something left over from the day or work on some problem subconsciously.

I felt detached from the bathroom and cleaning the tub so I took that to mean I was dealing with emotions from which I had distanced myself. The emotional overflow represented by the tub overflowing, indicated that my Spirit had reached the point where dealing with these emotions was absolutely necessary. In my case, and in this specific dream, the tub literally represented cleansing, explosive cleansing, of emotional back up.

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