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What is Ego Bait?
How Does Ego Bait Help Us Grow?

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What is Ego Bait? How Does Spirit Use Ego Bait to Help Us?

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This is part two of an article about what I call Direct Energy Transfer and it's impact on my life. Introduction: What is a Direct Energy Transfer?

What is Ego Bait?

I often use the term ego bait to refer to something with which Spirit entices me toward an experience, by offering something else I want.

The ego bait is why I think I'm doing something. It's not the real reason or the most important reason but it helps engage the personality self to go along with an idea that it might resist if it knew the changes that would be required as a result of a specific experience the soul needs or wants to have.

It's a type of bait for my ego self and I often don't realize the true reason for an event or encounter til later. That was certainly the case with the experience I had with a Sacred Pipe, an experience that changed my life.

I thought I was coming to get a free class on something called Cranial Flight. And I was coming for that reason ..... but that wasn't the only reason.

Just prior to this incredible experience. a beloved friend and I traveled a distance to take this particular cranial training. It was offered via the internet for months and yet, we are the only two who showed up.

It was taught by a cranialist osteopath who had certain artifacts come on his path after twenty years of travel and study. The training class was taped but the tapes evaporated.

The training was valuable and the connection with the osteopath held it's own gifts as well. When I experienced the cranial work being taught by the osteopath, I knew something incredible had occurred. I experienced profound paradigm shifts which could not even be articulated, in just a few moments of linear time.

The cranial work began the process that eventually broke apart some rigid mindsets and belief structures (requiring a surrender to change that was not always pleasant for me but was always good) and helped to create a deep sense of "aliveness" within my body system.

The rest of the story....

I did not yet know that a major part of this amazing experience was due to the artifacts associated with it, the very ones this osteopath had found in his travels or that what I had experienced to that point was only the beginning of a fascinating healing journey.

After the class was over, and in conjunction with one of the artifacts, there occurred a sudden, unexpected and unbelievably powerful Sacred Initiation, after which I came to know that Spirit had led me here to receive something that I would later share with others.

Ironically, this was yet more ego bait ... this image I had in my mind at the time for how this sharing would evolve ... that's another story.

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Spiritual Health Disclaimer: Direct Energy Transfers such as the one I experienced are a potential when working with me. I'm connected to that energy. I believe Spirit directs the path as long as we allow it but I also know we can force things before we are truly ready. I've done it often. So, I would just say that anyone interested in the healing facilitation offered give it serious thought and use clear spiritual discernment in your decisions.