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Prescription drugs vs Natural Herpes Remedies


Facts about Herpes Visit the Center for Disease Control to learn: How herpes spreads, Diagnosing Genital Herpes, Herpes Prevention Information, Available Treatmens for Herpes

Herpes wreaks the havoc it does in genital herpes outbreaks, by infecting the nerve cells of the spinal cord. With oral herpes outreaks, the hsv1 strain infects the nerves at the base of the brain. However, it is also possible to have hsv2 outbreaks on the mouth or face if contact with the virus occurs during sex. The herpes virus is always contagious to some degree but obviously less so when there are no visible symptoms of an outbreak on the skin. Just when the virus goes dormant, and thus reduces the risk of spreading herpes, is a question that has not been completely answered.

Since doctors agree that catching herpes is more likely during an outbreak, it becomes vital to communate with your partner if you know you have an outbreak. Unfortunately, there is no completely safe time to have sex if you have herpes, according to the medical professionals and no doctor will say that herpes is not contagious when you don't have an outbreak. On the other hand, there are people in committed relationships who have continued to be intimate, and careful, and the uninfected partner has remained uninfected.

It comes down to direct communication and a mutual decision, in those cases. Professionals vary in their opinions of just when the virus becomes dormant and less likely for transmission but it is generally accepted that the most vulnerable time is during an active outbreak. However, even as the outbreak is healing and when the blisters seem to have gone away, apparently the virus still sheds for some time after that and can transmit to others.

Are there effective natural approaches to herpes management?

I believe the answer is yes. There are certain pure essential oils (and it is important to use only pure oils, without synthetic fillers) that have natural anti-viral properties. Of these, One of the most frequently used with herpes is teatree oil. Essential oils have the capacity to cross the blood/brain barrier and so they work very quickly to impart their healing properties. Medical studies have proven that the powerful anti-viral ingredients in these natural herpes remedies are effective against the hsv1 and hsv2 strains of the herpes virus. In addition to pure essential oils, the amino acid lysine has long bee used to help stave off outbreaks or reduce outbreak time.

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