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Evolution of a Prayer
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The Evolution of A Prayer - The Shark and the Fish it Swallowed


This is part two of a 2-part article on my experience with Shelly Yates and the Fire the Grid invitation of 2008. If you are unfamiliar with Shelly and her vision, please read part one, did you fire the grid? for more information.

During this global prayer time, I experienced a significant shift in the way I pray. I have since shifted even more, away from words and intent to offering highest light and surrender. This was the beginning of that shift and I want to share how the evolution of a prayer brought me to a deeper awareness of consciousness, the role of conscious beings, and the impact of spiritual surrender and acceptance coupled with focused intent for the good of all.

Evolution of a Prayer:
After a walking meditation on these thoughts, I voiced a new prayer.....
"May we make the choices most in alignment with the Highest Light that we are".

I felt I was getting closer to the truth of something huge but that I had not quite arrived. Then, I realized that we always do that anyway...make choices from our Highest Light. My footsteps on the beach got heavier and more plodding for a bit as I came to this awareness again. I had danced with it before but it had slipped from consciousness and I had drifted back into the collective mindset that says we make mistakes.

This was a hard knowing to fully embrace when I looked, through my human eyes and from my human perspective, at brutal genocide, war, animal abuse, child abuse and other behaviors that exist. Yet, to believe anything else would negate a core knowing that I AM is in all that is. We are all related and what is possible in one of us, is possible in all of us. I cannot divorce myself from the experience of another, anymore than I could look at my own hand and say it is not mine.

So, how do we ever affect the shifts and changes that most spiritually conscious beings pray for? Peace. Healing. Harmony. Love. Compassion. In thinking about the ocean, I begin to see.....each drop of water, each fish, each particle of sand changes the ocean in some way. And every action that anything in that ocean takes, changes the entirety of that ocean, in some way. Some changes are big (like Tsunamis) while others are only noticed by those involved at the time ... the shark and the fish it just swallowed, for example.

Other shifts are so miniscule that they seem to matter not at all ... one particle of sand shifting three feet on the beach seems to affect nothing and no one. The sand I shift with my feet as I walk changes everything ... that's a lot to realize. Add spiritual consciousness to that mix and you've got our world ... the world of the human, in a sea of other humans.

If spiritual consciousness is the main difference, how to we utilize that consciousness in a way that creates harmony instead of discord in our Earth sea? By utilizing spiritual consciousness and, specifically, the ability to be self-conscious, conscious of self and the effects of our choices on the whole.

It is the consciousness of our third-dimensional, chosen division from the sea of "other" into an individuated humanly incarnated "self", in relation to the whole, that can shift reality. We Utilize consciousness to pray for and work with the only being we have true consciousness of, which is ourselves. In that way, we purify the vessel through which ever Higher Light can pour through, into the planet.

"May I make the the choices most in alignment with the Highest Light I AM".

Almost there. One more tweak. I end up with, for my current state of spiritual awareness, the most effective prayer, for doing my part to help the world shift into a Higher Vibrational Frequency. It isn't really even a prayer, but an affirmation of the Truth, a reminder of who I AM, within which vibrates the frequency of spiritual surrender, highest intent and the absence of ego-related perceptions:

"I make the the choices most in alignment with the Highest Light I AM".

If I consistently remember who I AM and make choices from that place, then the I AM that I am will affect change in the world, as surely as the grain of sand affects change in the sea. And it is only by looking at the entire ocean that I can see this change at work.

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