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Making Wine from Soured Grapes
an Exercise in Futility?

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An apparent exercise in futility


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When I got up this morning, I knew. It may sound strange but there was a moment in the shower, when I dropped something in the tub and, in that little tiny moment of misalignment, I sensed something bigger. I knew. It was subtle - sort of like the sound a machine might make it it was just ever so slightly out of calibration.

I knew I could just go back to bed or spend the day in some other way ... some other way than the way I was preparing to spend it. I could do that and experience more harmony, grace and ease than if I proceeded down the path I was headed down that day.

I had been preparing for an event all week. I'd had a lot of fun making wine-related gift baskets and fridge magnets and etc. for the Jubilee celebration at a local winery. That much felt in alignment because there was flow, creativity, grace and ease.

Somewhere between that reality and the one that started forming yesterday, something shifted about this event and my being there for it. I did not pay attention. Then, when I felt it stronger this morning, I dismissed it again. Result? Well, let's just say it was not a pleasant experience and leave it at that.

Now .... what made me ignore a day and a half of messages about this event? Two things I thought. First, I thought it would be a shame not to go after spending a week making baskets for the event. Second, we'd already paid our booth rent and it would certainly not be refundable if I cancelled now.

So ... not wanting my efforts to be wasted (even though the actual effort put forth was creative and fun) and not wanting to waste money were behind the decision to push thru and go anyway. br>
The question I ask myself now is why wasn't it more important to me not to waste my time and energy on excursions that I know have energetic misalignment and calibration in them?

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