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The Spiritual Paradox of
Embracing Fear to Dissolve Fear

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What you fear, you attract. Fear Thinking Creates Fear-full Living.


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This is part four of a four-part article on spiritual protection. To fully appreciate the comments below, please read protection from negative entities and the bandwidth of evil.

It may additionally be helpful to read about the energies of 2012 and releasing duality.

Fear attracts fear:
We eventually create what we think about most. It cannot be otherwise. Just as opposite ends of the magnet attract, we may draw experiences that are in alignment with our soul purpose and life or we may draw the opposite of who we are as spiritual beings. This may feel like a contradiction to the mind, a spiritual paradox. How can focusing on protecting yourself from evil, or from whatever you fear, draw it to you?

Think for a moment about what would feed an energy like fear or evil? Would it be sated on a fare of joy, love, peace, self-confidence and spiritual strength? Paradoxically, the best way to draw evil is by being totally focused on pushing it away and using personal energy to shield from it.

Just as paradoxically, choosing to accept whatever negativity or evil is present as being drawn by some resonant negativity within and beginning to own reality as co-created, one may begin to remember who they are at a soul level and as a Divine Being of Light. Emotional shifts that can invite a resonance with the frequencies of negativity, and even evil, include fear thinking, self-doubt, hate, bitterness, resentment, ego pride and depression.

Whatever lowers vibrational frequency is an alarm to the Spirit
Just as a lowering of the immune system invites infection and disease, the lowering of a person's personal frequency is always the core issue when faced with negativity in their own field and that is where their attention should turn at such times.

How I Release Fear Thinking:
Fear seems to be the main experience I came here to learn about and explore. My mind has been rife with fear, beginning with a childhood where there was no visible means of support an a hellish existance. It has been an amazing and terribly intense journey with fear for my entire life. I'm 60 now and it is still the one main challenge to joy for me, at a personal level. Because fear has been the monkey on my evolutionary back for so long, I have necessarily discovered at least a few tools that help when I can remember to employ them.

For example, when I find myself experiencing a lower density emotion, or diving into fear thinking on some issue in my life, I turn my attention to me, not to outside influences which may have found resonation for expression in me. They are just at whatever level they are but I AM has the option to remember who I AM in such situations and claim sovereignty by doing my own work to release negativity in me.

When I am unable to turn my attention toward the only person I can change, which is me, then I use ceremony to help, yes, but my intent is paramount in such situations. If I run to the smudge bowl out of fear and with the intent of running some evil entity off, then I've dropped into the fear frequency and turned my focus outward. If, instead, I realize that my personal connection to that which I've drawn into my life for illumination and healing is so strong that I cannot focus within, then I may smudge with intent to clear the space for my own teachings, to invite in clarity about the negativity or evil I have drawn into my field. Big difference.

Another ritual of clearing I still use is to take a very hot shower or a salt bath, as a way of cleansing my auric field. Again, with intent. My focus is not so much on getting rid of negativity as remembering my inherent strength and allowing that to radiate outward into my auric field once more.

My goal is to let go of the need for ritual, tradition, ceremony and even formal prayer. All are useful tools and all separate me to some degree from Oneness. Releasing the tools involves remembering more of who I AM, staying in the present moment with awareness and embracing whatever comes as part of the path to remembering even more of who I AM. However, until such time as I can walk free of ceremony, I will utilize it to help bring me back into alignment with Source.

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For the true seeker: I have taken a very strong and long journey with fear-based thinking. It's one reason I can speak to the issue with some authority. It doesn't work. Operating from fear just creates more and more fearful situations, encounters, and experiences. However, pretending I am not fearful and trying to affirm it away doesn't work either. The paradox is that I must own my fear, not try to hide it, dissolve it or avoid it. Spiritual paradox may really just be a term for those times in our lives when we come up against a Truth that our programmed mind has trouble embracing. Yet, something deeper than the intellect and our belief systems will urge the seeker forward to more than meets the eye.