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Fibro pain? The link between fibro and heavy metals

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Relieving the pain of fibromyalgia - Fibro Remedies that have worked for me


Suggested Remedies:
Fibro Pain Relief

Neuropathy Relief

Part one of this health article: The Spiritual Message of Fibromyalgia For better understanding of some of the information on this page, it may be helpful to read the original question asked in part one. Below are some of the things that have helped me manage my own fibro pain and, consequently, have also improved the degree of good sleep I get each night and the amount of energy I have available each day.

Fibro Pain Management Tips:
One of the best anti-inflammatory and healing supplement I've personally tried is called Zyflamend. It's put out by a company named New Chapter. I noticed a reduction in pain within 24 hours with Zyflamend. amazon.com sells Zyflamend and there are also numerous online companies that carry it. You can find Zyflamend and the pm version to help with better sleep at most good health food stores too.

Additional Helpful Remedies for Fibro Pain:
* Raindrop Technique with Essential Oils
* Mangosteen Juice - a terrific anti-inflammatory
* Organic, raw kombucha
* Natural, non-addictive homeopathic and herbal sedatives
* MSM - I take 2,000 miligrams a day with 1,000 ester-c when pain flares
* Salmon Oil Gelcaps - another excellent anti-inflammatory, get wild caught that has been tested for heavy metals like mercury
* Good massage, from a person trained on fibro trigger points
* Reiki or other kinds of alternative healing
* Inner child healing sessions
* Reflexology - amazingly effective for all types of pain
* Colloidial Minerals, taken internally and applied to muscles topically. T.J. Clark has good minerals.
* Magnesium - I use Natural Calm. Do not exceed recommended dosage unless directed by doctor to do so.
* Balancing the ph levels with alkaline foods and/or alkaline water.
* Essential oils - I love basil and marjoram for muscle aches and pains.
* CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties and is also very good for overall health. It is legal in all 50 states in the US and you can find it affordably these days. Just be sure to choose whole plant CBD oil that is lab-tested for purity and potency.

Other anti-inflammatories I have used: Turmeric, Traumeel, Aleve. (NSAIDS are a last resort and I would never take them longterm.) Natural sleep aids I have used that have helped with fibro pain sometimes: Formula 303, Nelson's Sleep Aid, Calms Forte, Natural Calm Magnesium.

Health Disclaimer: The answers to questions posted here concerning fibromyalgia, chronic fatique or other health challenges should not be construed as replacement for any needed medical attention or diagnosis. This fibromyalgia article is for educational purposes only. If you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatique syndrome or Epstein-Barr Syndrome and are under a doctor's care, please check with your chosen healthcare practitioner before adding new supplements to your existing health care or fibro pain regimen.